Friday, April 18, 2014

I’m a Popular Kid & Outside Yoga

Oh my goodness!! Where does the time go?! I feel like I haven’t seen you guys in forever!!!  What have you been up to?! 

I’ve been doing the same old thing… working and trying to workout a few nights a week!  I’m pretty tired today, so I’m kind of just lounging around… not really doing any cleaning or laundry today… I’ll save that for tomorrow! ;)  I did go get my haircut this morning and then met my mom at the grocery store to catch-up and she invited me over to have lunch with her and my dad.  We had fish, rice, baked beans, and asparagus… it was delicious!! I also had a donut.. a long john to be exact… it was absolutely amazing and I don’t regret anything!! ;) haha!  What did you have to eat today?

I few exciting things have happened since we’ve last hung out… (and I know I still haven’t told you all about my road trip during spring break… it’s coming! I promise!)


I’ve been getting outside more and more for my workouts… including a little park bench yoga! ;)

Outside Yoga


I reached (and exceeded) 500 followers on Instagram!! I feel like a popular kid…You guys rock!

500 Followers on Instagram!


Won a fun giveaway!  Now I just need to decide what I want from Athleta.. any recommendations?

The Body Book and Athleta Giftcard


Hit a yoga move I’ve never been able to do before!! (Proof that success does indeed come from failure! Story is on this video in IG)

 Yoga Forearm Backbend


Finally got a new laptop battery and charger and I don’t have to run from outlet to outlet like a Tasmanian Devil anymore! For real!

Look ma! No cords!


Came across a few sales you guys might enjoy! :)

FuelBelt Sale

Oiselle Sale

PowerBar Sale

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!!



  1. And now you have one more instagram follower. :)

  2. Congrats on the prize - Athleta is awesome! I'm sure you will find some awesome stuff!

  3. I had a fat burger and lounged the whole day :( I'll make up for it tomorrow, I really feel extra lazy today. Congratulations on having 500+ followers on instagram and great job on the yoga. Keep it up!


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