Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Zigo Mango Trailer/Stroller/Jogger: Perfect for On-the-Go Families!

Ok, so I’m not a mom… yet ;)  But I know a lot of you lovely mommas have children who like to go on your runs or bike rides with you, so when I got the opportunity to write this review I immediately thought about you all and couldn’t resist!! :)

The Zigo Mango comes with everything you need to bike, run, or walk with your child right out of the box… no need to buy an extra kit.  Unless of course you have a second child who likes to exercise with you too ;)  In that case you would need to buy a second harness.

        Zigo Mango as a regular stroller                    … as a jogging stroller…

… and as a trailer for a bike

Check out some of these Premium Luxury Features:

~ Padded seats
~ 5 point safety harness
~ Reflective striping
~ 4 point shock absorbers
~ Multi-position adjustable push bar
~ Dual drum brakes
~ Optional Deluxe Environmental Control System (mesh screen and wind/rain guard)

It also folds up for easy storage/carrying

This awesome stroller comes in Yellow or Red and you can see just how awesome it is by watching a video they have on their website HERE!  This is the perfect luxury stroller/trailer for all you fitness fanatics who like to make fitness fun for the whole family!!  Not to mention Mother’s day is coming up… this would make a great gift!! :)  It usually retails for $599.99 but right now, with the special deal of the day, it’s on sale for $375.00!!  Such a great deal!!

All this talk about strollers is wanting me to have a reason to use one… lol… ok… a few more years yet… so, all of you who CAN use the Zigo Mango, GO CHECK IT OUT! 

So, what do you think?


**This is a sponsored informative post, I did not actually get to try out the product.


  1. I'm not a mom [yet] either, but I love that this works for runners or cyclists... I run, but my hubby likes to bike. Perfect compromise!

  2. Very interesting! Not a mommy yet, but definitely will get one of those when I am.


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