Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trashed Shoes

Well, I would NOT recommend working 9 hours on your feet in a bad pair of shoes!! I've been wearing the same pair of shoes to work for the past 2 years and before I started wearing them to work, they were running/working out/playing basketball/everyday shoes. The bottoms of them are completely smooth and I am 100% certain there is no support in them anymore. I came home from working 8am-5:15pm and immediately took them off and threw them in the trash!! They made everything on my lower body hurt: feet (for sure!), shins, calves, knees, quads, and hip flexors. It was terrible! I definitely didn't feel like running tonight after all of my suffering!

I decided that I needed wanted to run so I changed into my running clothes and went to grab my ipod only to find that I had misplaced the strap that holds it onto my arm! GRR!!! I spent 15 minutes looking everywhere for that thing and finally found it downstairs by the treadmill... DUH! I ran on the treadmill last! Silly girl!

I finally got outside in the 90 degree weather to run my easy 4 miles on my training plan. My goal pace was 11:08 (or so says my training plan I got from Runners World) I decided to take a hilly route to make it a bit more exciting... I don't konw why I did that since I was already in pain, but I did lol. It actually wasn't a bad run once I hit the 1.5mile mark. That's when my hip flexor stopped acting up. Instead of taking shorter quicker steps to get up the hills, I decided to try to use my glute muscles (my big butt) to power my way up them... I don't know if there is a proper way of running up hills, i'm kind of new to taking running seriously remember?
Is there a better way to run hills? How do you run hills?
Anyways, here is the elevation chart for my run:


Elevation Min 873 ft
Elevation Max 1020 ft
Ascent 164 ft
Descent -164ft
Looking at it like that makes it seem like it's not very hilly, but it is!! I promise I'm not lying!! lol

Run started at 6:16PM
Distance 4.02 miles
Time 42:42 minutes
Pace 10:36 min/mile
Temperature 90 degrees

Whoops, I went faster than i was supposed to! lol... I guess hills make me have an urge to run faster? Interesting.

I got home and stretched while drinking a nice cold glass of chocolate milk. I don't think my shirt could have held anymore sweat! Gross! Then I had dinner about an hour after I got back from my run. I ate tacos with my mom and dad... it hit the spot! My hip flexor is still bothering me, but I am definitely wearing a different pair of shoes to work tomorrow!!


  1. I'm always amazed with how much sweat a human body can produce, especially in this heat OMG!

  2. YAY on chocolate milk - that's my recovery drink of choice!!

  3. Hey, girl! Runner's World has some good videos with hill advice. Poke around online and try to find them. Also, we told our participants during half marathon training to PUMP THEIR ARMS! Your legs will only move as fast as your arms are pumping. Use your arms to help pull you up the hill. It totally works!

  4. I kind of lean forward into the hill, and try to let my thighs power me up. Nice run!

  5. I take small, quick steps and I lean into the hill - but I don't bend at the waist, I keep my body as straight as possible.

    If it's an especially steep hill, I'll pump my fists into little uppercuts to help me build even more momentum.


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