Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Little Yoga For Your Wednesday


They only said "no more monkeys jumping on the bed" they never said anything about warrior pose! ;-)

Find the “Fun” in your workout!! :)

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

What Was I Thinking?!

Well hello there my friends!!  It’s so good to be able to spend a little bit of time with you all today!!  I’ve been catching up on all of your blogs and you all seem to be just as busy as I am!! 

If you remember a few weeks back… when I actually had a little bit of time to blog… I told you all that I would have 4 jobs starting this fall… Let me just recap for you:

    1. Restaurant Job (Nights and Weekends) 
      [I asked for an old job back when I was jobless… read about it HERE]
    2. ASL Interpreter (On Call 24/7) 
      [I signed up with one agency… hopefully more in the future!!]
    3. Preschool Educational Aide (Monday through Thursdays) 
      [Job I was doing in May… now full-time tho!]
    4. Substitute Teacher (Fridays) 
      [I can now sub for any interpreters in the area as well as teachers!!]

Well, since then I have signed up with one more interpreting agency.  I have not yet worked for them as my schedule is super busy!!  The past couple weeks I’ve been working 60+ hour weeks!  Having 40 hours by Wednesday night!  CRAZY!!  I’m just a tad tired … and now sick… BUT I’m still feeling super blessed as you can read in this post from back in July.

Let me recap a few things from these past couple of weeks:

3 weeks ago I had new employee training and beginning of the school year meetings all week long! We were emailed before our training and this is what it said:

Please dress comfortably with closed-toe shoes. There
will be a lot of physical movement required and close
contact with other participants.


Sure I’ll wear jeans and my Brooks Pure Flows to work… no problem!!! ;)  I also made sure I had plenty of deodorant on too!

I got to eat outside a couple days and the weather was gorgeous! (the minion on my banana made me smile!)

IMG_20130805_114035 IMG_20130805_114308

They even fed us lunch one day:


The next week we walked into the classroom and had boxes piled to above my head with no walking space and it took us that whole week to unpack and get everything situated and ready for the kids the following week!  Let me tell you… I prolly spent a whole day laminating and cutting things out! lol… it was a lot of work, but by Thursday it actually looked like a preschool classroom!

Then, this past Monday was the day I had been waiting for… the kiddos first day of school!!!  (Notice the difference in clothing from training to first day of school!) ;)


What?! Thanks for noticing!! I did indeed get my ratty birds nest hair chopped off! It had been a year since I got it cut and i figured it was about time because no amount of detangler would untangle that mess anymore!  I wanted it to be longer, but you know the deal.. you tell them an inch they take 6… am I right?!! :-P

Anyways… so working 14 hour days (8 at pre-k and 6 at DQ after that) kinda did me in and then getting hugs and snot wiped on you doesn’t help and now i’m sick… I’ve been downing the water and vitamin C hoping to get rid of it as soon as possible!! I didn’t get a whole lot of working out in, but once I get more accustomed to my crazy schedule I’m sure I’ll be able to get my workouts in!!

How was your week?

How long do you go between haircuts?

What do you do for a living? Work more than one job?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

#WhatsUpWithThatAsana and Preview

Work work work! That’s what I feel like I’m doing 24/7!  Maybe because the past 2 weeks I’ve worked 60+ hour weeks!

Talk about exhausted! … and now sick too!

I’m heading to bed early tonight but be prepared for some blogging (hopefully) this weekend!


Here’s a sneak peak/preview of what’s to come:

     ~ Working and no sleep = catching cold

     ~ Knee update

     ~ Becoming an aspiring yogi (#whatsupwiththatasana)

     ~ Giveaways

     ~ Maybe a whole post on Nuun… we’ll see ;)


Happy almost Friday! ;)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Blogiversary… I Totally Missed It…

So… Yesterday was my 3rd Blogiversary!! I can’t believe I completely missed it!!!  So, quickly before I go to bed… Here is the very first post I ever wrote here on Runner’s Luck… Enjoy!! :)



The Beginning of a New Love

Hello and welcome to my new blog! :D I created this blog for a few reasons 1) to keep track of my running 2) for some support from other runners since i dont really have any running friends and 3) motivation as I am training for my first half marathon in September (as you can see in the right sidebar) First things first, I would like to introduce myself:


My name is Zaneta. It's pronounced like Zuh-net (like a basketball net)-uh... a lot of people say it like Zuh-neet-uh or other random, totally wrong, not even close ways to say my name. I am a 23 year old Christian gal who is working on finishing up my internship to complete my Bachelors degree in Organizational Communications. I plan to go back in the spring to a different college to complete my Sign Language Interpreting degree. I am still living at home while going to school because my parents are awesome and let me live there (here) for free so they are saving me a TON of money! Living in my house currently are my mom and dad, me and my twin (fraternal girl who is younger than me), my brother, and a sister. I have a wonderful boyfriend of 3 1/2 years and am so blessed that God allowed us to meet! I fall more and more in love everyday and yes, marriage is in the future, but no engagement ring yet! I enjoy reading, knitting and crocheting (I have a knitting/crocheting/life blog HERE), obviously running ;), working out, and food lol...Well, now that you kind of know me (without knowing too much) I will proceed to tell you about my running background... since that is the main reason for this blog. ;)


I have always been active growing up... it started with soccer and gymnastics and 1 year of tee ball in elementary school. I then decided that gymnastics was fun and all, but a little too girly for me so i started playing basketball. I played basketball 4th-10th grade and then played for 4 years in college and also played softball for 4 years in college. My 4 years of track in high school consisted of high jump, 200, 400, 4x400, and sometimes the occasional long jump. Well, enter my 5th year of college after the sports eligibility ran out... I was taking the max amount of credit hours you were allowed to take and driving 40 minutes away for half of my classes, working 2 part-time jobs, and working an internship... life was so stressful and busy that I stopped exercising completely (and no, to me, walking the stairs to get to class does not count as exercise) I really missed it and knew I would probably feel better if I got back into shape so I decided to start running again in April. I've always heard about these 5k races and wanted to run one so I just started making myself run 3 miles... it wasn't very fun at the beginning. I remember wanting to stop and walk or just stop completely, but i kept at it and ran my first 5k on April 24, 2010! Since then I have kept running and have ran a total of 5 or 6 5k races! :D


Well, I wanted to push myself because I have grown very fond (in love with maybe?) of running. The feeling of accomplishment, the sun and heat (or rain and snow) beating down on your body, the energy and refreshness (a word?) it gives you, the blisters that pop up on your toes, the peaceful alone time you get to yourself to think, pray, or listen to music, the insatiable feeling of hunger that training leaves you with... ok, yeah, its a love/hate relationship lol... BUT it's GREAT!! So... earlier this month I decided I wanted to run a half marathon and actually have a training plan. I signed up for the Women's Magazine Half Marathon in Nashville, Tennessee on September 25th! lol... 2 months to train... am I CRAZY or DETERMINED? haha... you can decide ;) So, myself and my parents are going to make this trip (about a 6 1/2 hour road trip) a mini vacation. Orignially my boyfriend was going to go too... but he has class on saturday this quarter and wont be able to join us. It shall be fun. The training has been fun so far and I am really noticing some progress.
So this blog is going to help keep me motivated and focused on my training for my first ever half marathon! I am so excited! I hope to meet more runners and gain insight from you all into this wonderful world of running (and blogging)! :D


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our Internet Guy is Visiting and CrapTON of Pictures

Our internet has been spotty and the internet guy finally showed up to fix it… While he’s doing that I figured I would write a post that doesn’t really take all that much effort because it’s Sunday and I’m kinda feeling like a bum today after working 14 days with 1 day off and a 12 hour shift on Thursday…  I’m not complaining because I truly do feel thankful and blessed that I even have a job! :) Just don’t expect anything inspirational on the blog today! ;)

Anways… here’s the crapTON (real legit unit of measurement) of Pictures I promised… They’re all from the past couple weeks (you can follow me on instagram here so you don’t feel left out)… Enjoy!

Last time I checked in I said I was done with the resting like Harry Potter is done with Lord Voldemort and starting to workout again…

 IMG_20130725_101044 IMG_20130729_232625

Getting off work after 11pm and not getting home til 11:30pm, I wouldn’t expect to see a whole lot of anything in nature… I would be wrong:

IMG_20130726_234956 IMG_20130803_001040

I’ve enjoyed a couple softball games and my twin and fur-niece even came to a couple:

IMG_20130728_140110 IMG_20130803_114735

IMG_20130803_150854 IMG_20130803_115704

IMG_20130802_200135 20130803_113717
                                                              Me and my fur-niece

Some food shots:

IMG_20130717_211450 IMG_20130729_140319

IMG_20130731_102640 IMG_20130731_130702

Some blog things:

IMG_20130723_225935 IMG_20130729_191919

NUUN happened to make it’s way into a couple pictures… I don’t honestly know how that happened other than the fact that I drink it ALL.THE.TIME! :-P

There ya have it… a totally non-inspiring, lazy bum, crapTON of pictures Sunday post for ya! ;)  I hope you have a great Sunday!!  Tell me something you enjoyed doing this weekend!

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