Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another Update :)

Well, my last post was about 2 1/2 weeks ago so I’ll do another quick and easy update to keep you all in the loop! ;)

~At the moment, where I live, we are experiencing a drought… I can’t remember the last summer where the grass was so brown and prickly that I didn’t want to go barefoot!!  This is also the hottest summer we’ve had in quite a while!!

~ As part of the Mezamashii Project, I received a pair of Mizuno Wave Elixir 7’s!  I have not been able to test them out yet, but I’m really excited to take them out for a run hopefully this weekend!


~ I found a recipe on Pinterest for ice cream made out of bananas and peanut butter and decided to give it a try… it was pretty good… and healthy! :)

DSC03676 DSC03678 DSC03681

~ Remember that HUGE test that I had to take that might have postponed my graduation by 6 months???  I PASSED!!!  Which means I get to do an interpreting practicum/internship starting in the fall!!  I’m so excited!!  The first part of the practicum will be observing an interpreter and then I actually get to start interpreting for clients under close supervision!!  yay for field work!! :)

~ I have a meeting tomorrow for said practicum which requires a huge stack of paperwork to fill out

~ I am officially halfway through summer quarter… although, I’d still rather be doing normal summer stuff like swimming, reading, running, biking, picnicking, or knitting… silly schoolwork!  It’s been a stressful couple of weeks!!

~ I have been able to do some “light” ahem… reading before bed this summer… tehe… did I say light? ;)

DSC03753 DSC03745

~ Saturday July 14th was my 25th birthday :)  My hubby brought me home some roses, a funny card, a thing for my car so I can listen to my ipod, and A STICK!!  That thing has become my legs’ best friend!! lol


So, that’s been my crazy past couple of weeks… what have you all been up to?  What are you currently training for?  What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer, and have you done it this summer?


  1. Okay, I'm super jealous of those shoes and how they were free! I entered that but don't know that they would just send me a pair of shoes to try out (i wish!). Glad you passed your test and will graduate on time! Good luck with your field work too!

  2. the ice cream looks DELISH!!

    i chose a different pair (although for the life of me i dont' remember what they are called) and haven't received them yet.

  3. You funny thing ... "light" reading! Ha!

    That banana/peanut butter/ice cream creation sounds yummy.

    Congrats on passing!!

  4. It's always fantastic to hear updates from you - miss you when you're not here!

    Sooo exciting for your progression with your interpreting. Yay. Hands waving in the air . ..

    Okay so some of us don't have pintrist - I suck, I know - I really do need to step into this century at some point. Any chance you can post or email me the recipe? That looks awesome and healthy and perfect for this FREAKISH heat wave we're having!!!!!

    Happy belated birthday!!! Your hubby is always so good with the flowers. He gets a gold star!

    Keep your chin up girl - hang in there and good luck with your practicum!!!

  5. Those shoes are HAWT! :) Sounds like things are going great for you, congrats!!

  6. Happy belated birthday and congrats on passing the test!!!

  7. Congrats on passing the test! Harry Potter is a classic!


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