Monday, July 2, 2012

Life as I know it… CRAZY!!!

Well, you can definitely tell when life gets super crazy busy/hectic in my world because blogging is the first thing to get the boot! lol…  I hope you all are running happy, and enjoying life!! :)  I’m never gonna be able to catch you all up on my life unless I just do bullet points… so that’s what you’re gonna get! lol… you’re welcome ;)  I’ll make sure to only mention the “major” events and i’ll add a few pictures to keep it a somewhat interesting post ;)

~ Ran the Capital City Half Marathon on May 5th… got a personal worst time of 2:17:52.  I don’t know if i’ll write a recap or not…


~ Still dealing with knee pain :(

~ Went to Silent Weekend, a weekend of camping (my first time camping) where you can only use American Sign Language and no talking


~ My twin got married and I was her Matron of Honor


~ Finished the Spring quarter with a 4.0

~ On June 16th, I ran my first 5k of the season in 28:05 which isn’t a PW but it’s my second slowest 5k time since I’ve started running


~ Started summer quarter

~ On June 25, 2012 my husband and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary :)


~ Took a huge test that may postpone my graduation by 6 months if I get a 79% or under and I have to wait up to 3 weeks to find out if I passed or not.

~Had severe thunderstorms with hurricane strength winds that knocked out most of Ohio’s power because the wind took out some power lines as well as trees uprooted and taking them out as well… We have electric at home now, but we still don’t have any internet, so I’ve found a place that has both so I can do my homework for tomorrow… they’re saying people could be without power until July 8th and it went out on June 29th… I feel bad for those people!!  (Not to mention it’s been the hottest driest summer I can remember)

If you live in Ohio, how were you affected by the storm? 
If you don’t live in Ohio, has your state ever been in a state of emergency?


  1. My state has the biggest fires in the nation right now and keeps going under red flag warnings, they have banned fireworks for the 4th of July and it is hot and nasty dry here too. Glad you got your power back before the 8th! We are so dependent on electricity!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! You looked gorgeous in your twin's wedding (and obviously so did she!)

    With as hot of a summer as we're having I can only imagine everyone is suffering through their races and runs, don't let a slow race get you down.

  3. Happy anniversary to you and congrats to your sister. Fun times!

    Don't sweat the race times--we all go through ups and downs. You'll be back to form soon.

    Maryland just had really bad storms that took down lots of trees and knocked out power. We got lucky and kept ours!

  4. Happy anniversary. I can't believe that it's been a year all ready.

  5. Happy Anniversary! And congrats to your sister!!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Congrats to your sister. I had no idea you are a twin! You've been busy!

  7. That is not a bad PW for a half. You'll be back to speed in no time. Take care of that knee. Happy Anniversary!

  8. Welcome back! Sorry to hear you had a touch time with your half marathon. Hang in there!


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