Saturday, April 21, 2012

The New Blogger Look

So, if you use blogger, you might have noticed that they have changed the way your dashboard looks.  It now looks like this:

New Blogger Look

AND… you may have noticed that the Google Friend Connect is still on your blog:



So my question, or questionS to you is/are:

~ Do you like the new look? Why or why not?

~Isn’t Friend Connect supposed to be leaving or am I just misinformed?

~ If blogger is getting rid of it, what have you done to let other people know how to follow you? Is there something like Google Friend Connect that you can add to your blog?


  1. I didn't like it at first, but it is growing on me. and I do hope they keep GFC I rather like being abe to see who is following me.

  2. I continue to use the old dashboard. I wasn't too "into" learning something new right now - just too much going on. I opted to stay with the "classic" look.

    Am interested to hear other comments to your questions - good post - can't wait to see what others say.

    Miss you!! Hope you are well!!!

  3. i changed to the new blogger a few months ago and i couldnt figure it out so i switched back. now they changed it on me and im all sorts of confused. ugh.

  4. I must be clueless because I didn't even notice the change. Yeah, my mom is a blonde and my daughter is blondese (blonde/Chinese). I guess it didn't skip a generation...and I think my daughter proves blondeness is NOT genetic!

  5. I have to say I'm not a fan of the new version...but I don't like change and usually just end up getting used to it!

  6. Its crap.
    Yes friend connect is suppose to go.
    If if does I may move over to wordpress. In fact I once I get a little extra time I may move over anyway.
    I have been really disappointed with blogger for the last year or so.


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