Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekly Roundup: April 16 – 22

Monday:  Rest
Tuesday:  4.08miles @10:01/mi (40:55min)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 8.0miles @11:14/mi (1:29:57)
Friday:  Rest 
Saturday:  Rest
Sunday:  Rest
**Stretched and foam rolled each day I worked out

Total for Week = 12.08 miles             Bike for Week = 0
Total for Month =  14.08 miles           Bike for Month = 1hr 50min
Total for Year =  86.89 miles             Bike for Year = 1hr 50min

*** @=outside run (refers to pacein=treadmill run (refers to minutes)

January  12.6 miles                                                       2011  329.45 miles
February   13.02 miles
March   42.19 miles
April   14.08 miles

 Last Week's Roundup

Thursday’s Long Run

Thursday when I got home from school, it was sunny and 65 degrees and I knew it was supposed to get colder and rainy this weekend so instead of waiting to do my long run, I decided to get it out of the way in the gorgeous weather!  I’m so glad I did, it was such a great run… a little slower than I would have liked, but great none-the-less and it’s been raining all weekend!!  WINNING!! :) 

I ran 8.0 miles at a pace of 11:14/mile which came out to a 1:29:57 run.  It was quite a hilly course so I ended up walking up a little ways on some of the hills… yeah, i know I’m a wimp… but I thought it was still pretty good for not having done the time to train for my half up to now… (2 weeks from yesterday!! EEK!)  Here’s the stats from my long run (you can click it to make it bigger if you want:



After I got back home from my run I took an ice bath (still trying to get rid of my annoying knee pain) while drinking one of my husband’s myoplex lite chocolate recovery drinks (don’t tell him! ;)  haha)  It was actually kinda tasty and has A LOT of good vitamins and minerals and like 20 grams of protein :)


Have you ever tried Myoplex? What did you think?

How far was your long run this week?

Do you always do your long run on the weekend or do you change it up sometimes and do it on a weekday/night?


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Registered Races
5/5/12 – Cap City Half Marathon
10/21/12 – Columbus Marathon


  1. That's not that slow! I mean hills are pretty killer anyway so I understand having to walk sometimes.

    Protein shakes are good and I swear by foam rolling now. I got a ton of protein shake samples from the Vitamin Shoppe but haven't tried EAS yet.

    My longest run this week was 6.2 miles which was my race yesterday :).

    Amy Lauren

  2. Nice hilly run! I actually like Myoplex - I got samples once at a race...pretty good taste, especially if you like chocolate milk.

  3. I prefer chocolate milk for recovery, but I didn't have any so my husband let me steal his myoplex :) From now on it will be my back up recovery plan :)

  4. I have never tried Myoplex...cannot take anything chocolate

    long runs...always on the weekend..I have 2 kids...I have no choice!!!

  5. I've had Myoplex and it was ok but I definitely prefer chocolate milk.


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