Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random Things on Thursday

Well, I was tagged by Quinton, Q, The Guy who loves Jersey Shore, or the Sick Wuss (whatever you want to call him is probably ok*) over at Q on the Move.  I guess this means that I need to come up with 10 random things about me and then tag a few other people…

1.  I’m 23 and sleep with a teddy bear… my boyfriend got it for me for Valentines Day before we were actually dating and I was crushing on him majorly!  The bear’s name is Charles Peter II. March 11, 2007 035

This picture was taken a couple years ago

2.  I have broken a total of 5 bones, all sports related! My 4 front teeth, yes they’re fake now (basketball), My toe (playing barefoot sand soccer, yeah… smart), A bone in the top of my foot (basketball), My collarbone (basketball), My finger (flag football)… yes, basketball was good to me 4th grade through college!

3.  I have major issues with my body… I think my butt is too big and I have never found a pair of jeans that fit like I want them to… If I get them to fit my waist they’re too small in the butt, If I get them to fit my butt they are WAY too big in the waist… you get the picture…

4.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Frank Sinatra music but REALLY LOVE Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly movies!**

5.  I have worked part time job #1 for 6 1/2 years and part time job #2 for 5 years… they took me through college DEBT FREE! (with the occasional side jobs like babysitting and assistant basketball coach etc…)

6.  When I was in Jr High, my orthodontist took an x-ray of my hand and told me I’d be 6 feet tall or taller… I made it to about 5’9” and was disappointed because I wanted to be taller.. I’m still tall for a girl.

7.  I have a twin… I’m 4 minutes older…we don’t look alike, and we don’t have a secret language.  I’m about 4 inches taller than her and have curly hair.


 This is the most recent picture I have of us

8.  I LOVE to knit and crochet!  My boyfriend likes to tease me and tell me I’m an old woman.  I have a blog that I started when I started teaching myself how to knit and crochet… BLOG HERE

      PC241791 PC241779

I crocheted Charizard for my boyfriend and knitted a piano tote for my mom for last Christmas.

9.  I want a flex friendly body!! I get jealous when I see women with big, cut biceps!  Starting next week I’m going to start a more weight friendly workout plan!  (keep me to my word k?!)  We’re not talking HUGE biceps… but bigger than my skinny arms now.

10.  In high school, I was on the dance team and on the dance/kick squad for marching band… I dont see how I made either because I am VERY uncoordinated and very clutzy!  I end up with bruises on my thighs and arms from running into things and I trip over lines in the sidewalk a lot.

                                   gradshow 168 gradshow 108

Wow… Senior year (2005)

People I tag are:

          1.  Tressa @ Track Coach &Adorable Wife (Coach, feel free to do it too!)
          2.  Rae @ 5k Rae (I’ll get you the info about the shorts sometime this weekend!)
          3. Pam @ Thirty Schmirty (Thanks for the kind comments on my blog!)

Now, go forth and create random lists!

Sorry for not naming everyone… You all are awesome, I just picked a random 3! So feel free to make random lists about yourself even if you weren’t named! :)

*******HEALTH UPDATE*******

I had my follow up cardiologist appointment today.  It went really well!  He came in and said he had looked at the results more in depth since my echo-stress test and my heart was really healthy!  Exact words:  “You are in really good shape!  Honestly, we rarely have anybody that goes as long as you did in that test!”  (ok…I may have added the exclamation points) but… that made me feel good that my heart was in such good shape!  He said I could run 30 miles this Saturday if I wanted to! haha! 

He said that he thinks it’s just a muscle sprain that caused all of these problems and that he would recommend taking Aleve not only when my chest starts to ache but he would go ahead and take a couple before my race on Saturday.  Does anyone have any opinions about this? 

I also went shopping today as you can see in the picture! My grandma got me a gift card for my birthday (I think she forgot I was born in July)… it was to Kohls.  I usually don’t shop at kohls, but I did find the cute running shorts there!


I couldn’t pass up the Under Armour fleece at Dunhams!  It’s so soft and comfy… it’s like a hug when I put it on!  I also picked up the only running book they had in our local Borders… “Born to Run”  I figured I could read it in the car tomorrow on the 6 1/2 hour trek to Nashville. 

That’s right… I’M LEAVING TOMORROW MORNING!!!  That means 1 day and like 11 hours til my race!!  I’m so excited I could cry, puke, hug someone, smile, laugh… judging by those actions, I would say you can tell I’m pretty nervous too lol.  We’re going straight to the Expo and then heading to the hotel and dinner after that… So, with that, I bid thee adieu!  I have to finish packing!

Don’t forget to ENTER MY GIVEAWAY!!  I know I said you had til today to enter, but really… you have til tomorrow night by the time I get to the hotel for the night! 


* Q is actually a pretty cool dude… his comments usually leave me feeling motivated and like I can do anything… AND he thinks my 3D glasses are hot

**If you don’t know who these people are, please go google it or something!


  1. Great list :) I'm glad you had another good doctor appointment.

    Have a safe trip and good luck on your race !!!

  2. Cute post! Thanks for sharing. LOVE Sinatra. Had some of his songs playing at my wedding :)

  3. If you read Born to Run on the way to a race, you will win. It is that powerful of a book. Plus you will run your race barefoot and with a pocketful of chia. Be careful of the corn beer tho, it makes the natives a little frisky.

    Have fun!

  4. Great list! I'm so glad your dr. apt. went well and he said you have a healthy heart! Yay!
    And, yay for new stuff! I loved Born to's a great book!
    Good luck in your race! You're going to do great!

  5. Love the list! :) To make you feel less like a baby...I'm 27 and still sleep with a teddy bear. ;)

    Good luck on that race! :) You are going to rock that thing!

  6. I have the same problem with jeans! But I've learned to accept my bootie and to OWN IT. Guys like curves!! :)

    Good luck this weekend - I can't wait for the recap!

  7. Z,

    YOU can call me anything you want.

    2. Listen…I played basketball-in-the-hood for years and still have all my teeth. How the flip did you manage to loose that many teeth playing a no-contact sport and WHO do you ball with?

    3. Butt’s are the new black. Be proud of that badonkadonk. I feel bad for those poor girls without one. And that’s coming from the heart. Heather's right: guys like curves.

    5. College debt free is a huge accomplishment and speaks wonders about you. Your stock just went up in my books when I read that. I had to rob 2 banks and an old lady to make good my school fees.

    6. Yeah…ummm…why is your orthodontist taking x-rays of your hand? You should’ve told him to stay focussed.

    7. I know that you’re lying about not having a secret language. Wink-wink.

    8. I think I read somewhere that Jay-Z crochets. Jus’ sayin.

    9. You’re clearly talking about Andrew’s arms here. He works hard on those guns but with some hard work and dedication, there is not reason you can’t get the same results.

    And on your health…I knew you’d be diagnosed with BA! SUCH GOOD NEWS. Try to keep those nerves under control (easier said than done I know)…and have a great race. Looking forward to knowing how it went down.

    Big up to Charles Peter II

  8. I sleep with a bear too...and I'm 31! :)

    I also want more defined arms. I am happy with what I have, but there is this girl in my boot camp class and her arms are just super cut. I want them! :)

    Good luck on your race!!!!!!

  9. i too am random-bruises-from-running-into-things clumsy, AND love to dance :) like, i'm totally jealous that you were on the dance team, i've always wanted to do stuff like that, but i did gymnastics instead...

  10. Great news about your health!!!!! You're going to be amazing at your race. Take your time, start slow, enjoy every second! Good luck, chica!

  11. I'm so impressed with your knitting! I bought a "teach yourself to knit" kit for my mom and I ... we SUCKED!!

    Have a fabulous race, can't wait to read all about it!

  12. Doh! These random things are getting hard to come up with!!! haha

    I hope you have a great time in Nashville and a great race! I'm glad it's cooling off for you this weekend! It's been HOT here this week (It was back up to 102 Tuesday!), but it's cooling back down just in time for the HM!

  13. Good luck!! Can't wait to hear how the race went.

  14. That knitting and crochet is REAlLY neat. I wish I had the patience/eye for that. I used to do latch hook and some needlepoint when I was younger. My sister tried to teach me to knit and it didn't "stick." You are a talented woman!!

  15. I love your random list, thanks for tagging me! Now we will see if I can produce a list as stellar as yours! I'm glad everything went good at the doc's and know you can still kill this weekend even with all the setbacks. If nothing else, have a blast!

    P.S. You make me feel so old (senior in 2005!)

  16. Hello, Sweet Zaneta! Love the stuff you purchased at Kohl's! Gift cards are great, no matter where they are!

    You have won something on my blog. Please check it out and send me your email and mailing address. I'll get you hooked up with your prize.

    Thanks for following my journey, dearie!

  17. I did mine today - thought of you, wanted to wish you all the best tomorrow (again!). Be the woman you know you are . . dig deep, own this race as the amazing accomplishment that it will be! Truly enjoy yourself - run/walk YOUR race - celebrate all that it will have taken for you to cross the finish line. I'm so proud to be a blog friend and just know you'll do great! Good luck, Z!

  18. I would only worry about Aleve if you were doing a really long run in hot humid weather where you're going to sweat a lot and you might deplete all your electrolytes because it's a NSAID.

    I love that you did all those sports/activities even though you're uncoordinated - you're my hero. I couldn't even make it on the cheer squad - I was the only girl who didn't make it!

  19. I love these lists! Jeeze, BB sure doesn't agree with you.

    Good news about the muscle strain!!

  20. good luck....glad the health report is looking good! you can do this!


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