Friday, September 3, 2010

Long Run Recap & SPIbelt Review

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Wednesday I was supposed to meet up with Jess (the girl I met up with last week to do my long run), but I received a text at 5:30am that she was ill so I headed out at 8 by myself. I had 10 miles planned and decided I would drive to the nearest bike path so that I could be surrounded with other people getting their workouts on!


Let's go back in the past a couple weeks ago... SPIbelt sent me one of their belts to try out and review... ok, now back to the regularly scheduled program... SOOOO, I decided to test it out on my long run! I strapped it around my hips, put my phone, key, and 2 GUs (review to come later) in the belt. I was actually surprised it could hold that much! I then put my ipod on, grabbed my water bottle, and headed out.

At first, I was definitely aware of the SPIbelt because I hadn't worn anything around my waist to run before, but then... it started bouncing! We're not talking like little baby bounces, we're talking bounces from the ground to the sky sort of thing... and all I could think was, man... I really wanted this to work! It's such a useful thing to have on runs!! So I stopped, unsnapped the belt, tightened it up and snapped it back in place around my hips.


I was a bit paranoid that it would bounce the whole 10 miles and I would end up carrying it the rest of the way. SURPRISE!!!! The SPIbelt actually doesn't bounce at all if you adjust it to be the right size!! DUH! I took my first GU around 30 minutes into my run and was feeling pretty good.. strong, consistent, content. I was having fun saying hi to all the runners, bikers, and walkers! The sun was out, it couldn't be a more pretty day!!

I had a tractor (and its driver) follow me for about a mile... every time i would speed up, the tractor would speed up, every time I would slow down, the tractor would slow down. Finally around mile 6 the tractor passed me, which is what I had been trying to get it to do the last mile! I guess the guy driving was just really impressed by my form! ;) I took my second GU around mile 6 and it was starting to get really hot out, and I was running out of water (again). So I took a detour and stopped by my boyfriends place of work and said hi to him as he filled up my water bottle for me. He informed me that he would be going on lunch in about an hour and would be coming to my house... so I had to sprint the last 2 miles so I could make it home in time to make him some steak! hahaha!! my boyfriend cracks me up ;)

Remarkably, I felt a wave of new energy wash over me and I picked up the pace the last two miles! I passed an older gentleman and he told me that I was doing a good job of making sure I'd live to a good old age! lol... made me smile! I ended up doing 10.14 miles with an average pace of 10:30 which is 38 seconds faster than the pace I was "supposed" to be running at! I got back to my car feeling really good and I had completely forgotten about the SPIbelt being around my hips!! The one that I tried out is the basic belt, but they have many different kinds out! They have a water resistant belt which would definitely come in handy if you sweat a lot! Really though, I sweat quite a bit and my phone was dry when I got done in the original SPIbelt! They also have race specific belts, and belts with inner pockets, and they even have a race number belt! It is one size fits all so all you have to do is adjust the band to fit your body whether you want it around your hips or waist. I give SPIbelt two thumbs up!! Go check out their website to see the awesomeness for yourself!! Thank you SPIbelt for letting me review your product!

Well, I have my 5k race tomorrow and I think I might have spectators!! woohoo!! So I need to head to bed!! I'm terrible at going to bed at a decent time!! Goodnight everyone! I wish everyone luck who is racing this weekend!

** SPIbelt sent me a belt to review, but the opinions are all my own and reflect the way the product worked for me and no one else.

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  1. i just got one in the mail yesterday...will try it out tomorrow!

  2. LOL! I had the exact same shorts on for my long run today! Well, not the EXACT same ofcourse, that would be weird. ;)

  3. Awesome job on your 10miler! I've heard great things about the spibelt. I may have to go buy one! Thanks for the review! :)

  4. I LOVE my spibelt. The water proof one is the same exact thing as the regular one, but it comes with a ziplock bag inside - no JOKE!!! And . . . it costs $10 more than the regular belt. My spi belt carries an old digital camera which is the size of 2 of the "modern day" cameras plus my key fob and my blackberry with room to spare and absolutely no bouncing. They have cute patterns and colors on their site. My spibelt is a must have running accessory.
    Kudos on your 10 miler . . . by yourself - you rock!

  5. I have been looking for a belt that will hold more than just my phone and my package of shot bloks! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower!

    Good luck on your upcoming half marathon! I've got 6 more weeks till mine! Lots more miles to go!

  6. Good job on your 10-miler! I hope your 5K went well.

    You are also tagged on my blog for a Cherry on top award. Check it out!

  7. I've always wanted a spi belt, but I run with a water belt on long runs so I figure anything that I would need to carry could probs just go in that.

    Funny about the tractor. I'm with you on him jus tliking your form.

  8. that is awesome about your run, especially the sprint at the end!!

  9. Hope you have a great race!

    Congrats on the nice training run. The Spibelt sounds like it works great and holds quite a bit for its tiny size.

    Funny about the tractor and the guy's comment. I love it when peeps give friendly shout-outs in passing. make the rest of the run seem so much better! :-)

  10. Yeah... your form... THAT'S what tractor guy was watching! haha!

    I ordered a SPIbelt a couple weeks ago and used it for the first times while in FL this week! I was kicking myself for not getting the water resistant one during my first use. I sweat like a sow, and I had to pay for a bottle of water with two sweat-soaked dollar bills. I felt so gross handing those over the counter. I was SUPER glad I didn't have my phone in there for the belt's maiden voyage because it would have been toast. I am glad to see Wells' comment up there about the water resistant one being no more than a plastic baggie inside. I don't feel so bad for not spending the extra $10 now. I can put my phone in my own sandwich bags!

  11. Well done on the long run. Isn't it great to have these confidence restoring long runs? I had some crappy training runs and then had a great 18 miler. It gives you that, 'ok, I can do this!' feeling, which is the best!

  12. Congratulations on your awesome run! ::high fives::

  13. thanks for the tips...I have been wanting to try one!


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