Friday, November 12, 2010

Wanted: Thoughts and Opinions

I’m not clever by any means, but I thought that with all my time spent at work, I’d “blog” on paper on my break and then just retype it when I got home so I could save some time and be able to do other things in the evening… genius right?!


One of the radio stations I usually listen to is playing Christmas music.  Not only on weekends, but 24/7!  Don’t get me wrong… Christmas is my most favorite holiday, but I do not listen to Christmas music until Thanksgiving OR the first snow.  (Whichever comes first)  With 72 degree, sunny weather, it’s hard to even think about snow!  BUT… all the Christmas music and holiday store decor has got me thinkin’.

In the knitting community (yes, I knit AND crochet… lay off the old lady jokes) we do these things called swaps.  They usually have a theme and a price limit and then everyone gets partnered up and they send each other goodies.  Seriously… this is a HUGE deal on Ravelry!!** 

So I figured, why not try out a little swap-like action in the running community?!  My idea is to “swap” Christmas cards…  Depending on how many participants we had, I would break it up into groups and everyone in that group would send everyone else in their group a Christmas card.  That’s why I want your thoughts… I would love to hear if you all would be interested in doing something like this or if you think it’s kind of stupid…  If I get atleast 5 people that say they’re interested I’ll go ahead and get the details put together and make it official.

So… What do you think?


**Ravelry is an online knitting and crochet community


  1. I knit too, so no jokes there!! :D

    I think it's a cool idea :)

  2. I think it's a great idea! I'd definitely be in :) Let me know if you're going to do it. I'd be happy to post it on my blog as well.

  3. That sounds rediculous.

    Im in.

    Maybe there'll be a holiday gu in my card to whomever...

  4. I'm in! Sounds like a great idea to me!

  5. ya i think that sounds cool!

  6. Hi! i just wanted to say that I love your new header! Really cute pix :)

  7. I really hate the Christmas creep. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it's Christmas without all the bulls*** and inflated expectations.

  8. Love the idea!
    I love Christmas and Christmas music and Christmas trees and decorations, but gee ... Christmas stuff before Halloween is over is just ridiculously crazy!

  9. hahah thats funny because my boyfriend is in a boot for his ankle and so when we walk together it looks like we got into a car accident or something because he's in the boot and my eye has stitches. Too funny!!

  10. Oh, I love Christmas cards! Count me in:)

  11. I tried the same thing with my blog. Writing it on paper during my lunchbreak then retyping it when I got home. I always found that I basically rewrote it as I sat down with my laptop anyway. ;-)

    I love your Christmas Card swap idea! That's so cute!! It's also a great way for us to discover new blogs. Love it!


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