Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Make Believe… I’m a Pro!

This past weekend was a bust!  I was sick all weekend starting Thursday, and Friday was supposed to be a great day off… I spent it mostly in bed! I’m still feeling some of the effects but I’ve mostly recovered.  So, due to a couple set backs and thinking things through, I’ve decided not to run the Ashland Half Marathon and I’m ok with that because I have a plan forming in my brain! MUAH HAHAHA!! lol… I’m pretty excited for 2011! :D

Today started out great though because the very first thing, I got a call telling me that I wasn’t needed at work… Ok, so I guess that can be both good and bad, but the weather was gorgeous!! Sunny and about 65 degrees!  I definitely had to get outside and go running!!  Due to being sick, I hadn’t gone running since last Tuesday!

My brother decided that he would ride his bike along with me while I ran and he took some pictures of me before we headed out.  Photo Op!! haha… I felt like a pro! ;)  Take a look at some of my favorite pictures (and then go visit my brother’s photography page on facebook HERE):

You can click the pictures to make them larger

Why yes, I did custom make some arm sleeves out of a pair of socks… thanks for noticing!  haha, it was kind of chilly when we set off but i didn’t feel like wearing a long sleeve shirt… they worked pretty well and I ended up taking them off about a mile into my run.  My brother put them in one of his kit pockets for me.

We ended up going 4.28 miles, well I ran that and my brother probably rode about double that because he would coast down hills and then come back to where I was and so on and so forth.  When we got back I made myself stretch because being sick made my muscles tight and then I made one of my favoritest (yes, that word is in my vocabulary) protein shakes and hopped in the shower. 

Since then, I’ve been blogging (and working on the layout of mine), relaxing, crocheting, and spending time with my family…  Today is what my Friday was supposed to be like!  God knew that I needed today so badly!  It was a fabulous break from the busyness and stress of my normal weeks!

Do you ever make believe to be something you’re not, just for fun? (seriously… adults can have fun too!)


  1. Sounds like the perfect day! Great pics! I think we all believe to be something we're not at times, but as you get older maybe not so often.

  2. You like a pro in the first pic! I did a double take for real.

    Sometimes I like to pretend I'm EMZ. I put on some tights, some arm warmers, a bra top and a giant belt buckle and then I spend 6 hours running on a treadmil shouting: "Peanut"..."PITA"...."PEANUT"..."PITA"...

    ...is that TMI?

  3. those pictures are so fun! and you do look like a pro. the new lay out is so fabulous. good work!

  4. Q - I think we all secretly do that, right? I think we all need a hobby :p

    Great pics! You look like you could be any elite in that first pic :)

  5. I agree with Q, you looked like a pro in the first picture.

    My GF says I look like a superhero in my tri race gear, so sometimes I pretend I am Super BDD

  6. great pix! u do look like a pro.
    and i love the idea of the socks as arm warmers. heheh

  7. Q

    He says that because I pretend I am him. Stopping to kiss everyone I see when I'm running a race.

    **You've got great form girl!**

  8. haha... Q!! That is definitely WAY too much TMI! ;) Do you pretend to have abs too?! lol

    Dawn - Thanks! I'm still not done with the new layout but it's getting there! :)

    BDD - I dont do the whole superhero thing anymore... I did that growing up and climbed a tree pretending i was superwoman and the branch broke... instead of flying, I fell and got the air knocked out of me lol...

    EMZ - That might not be such a bad thing ;) And thanks for the form comment! I've always wondered if I have good form or if I look goofy when I run ;P

  9. Cute pix! I totally was going to say "look at you all professional with your arm sleeves", then you told us your secret - genius. Martha Stewart's got nothin' on you. Glad you're feeling better.

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHA @ Q'S comment!

    Look at that form! You look amazing!

    Sometimes I like to pretend like I'm working when I'm really commenting on blogs...

  11. I have that dress too! I have yet to run in it though. You look great in it!

  12. Super cute pictures! Where did you get that dress... I love it!

  13. I love the new setup! You are so darn cute:) I love your running outfit!

  14. Rae - You'll love it! :)

    Colleen - I got the dress from Nuu-Muu!! :D

    Julie - aww... thanks! :)

  15. Great photos! You look awesome. And that dress is great too! Is it specifically designed for running?

  16. Is that the Nuu-Muu you won from me??? SCORE!!! Woo-hoo. Love these photos. Blow one up and start a motivation wall. ;-)

    And Q - I wanna see that.

  17. I just found your blog and I absolutely love it! How did I go this long without it:) I love the running clothes and you do look like a PRO! I love pretending I am still a teenager by listening to teenie bobber music:)

  18. Awesome pics, and I love the dress! Come check my page for awesome news. ;-)

  19. Congrats on winning the medal hanger from Forward Foot Strides. Girl, get those medals outta a plastic baggie. Show 'em OFF!

  20. Great running outfit and new blog look, too! Your brother did a great job as photographer!

  21. What a fun running day! Your brother got some great pictures!

  22. Lesley - yes it is! I love it!! :) Thanks again!

    Hungry runner girl - thanks for stopping by my blog! Your comment made me smile :D <-- like that!

    FFS - oh my goodness!! I'm so excited!! :D

    Tina and Aimee - Thanks! My brother actually has a small photography business... he's pretty good at it :)

  23. I like the new layout!

    Great idea on the arm sleeves. I think that I may just try that as well

  24. Wait, you mean you're NOT a pro?? You fooled me! :)


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