Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekly Roundup: November 22-28

Tuesday:  Rest
Wednesday:  Rest
Thursday:  BPK Scholarship 5k (Recap will be posted this week!)
Friday:  1 Hour of Wii Cardio
Saturday:  4th Annual Turkey Trot/Fun Run (Recap will be posted this week!)
Sunday:  Rest


Please please please… if you are wanting to be “in like flynn” sign up for the 2010 Christmas Card Swap!!!  Sign ups close Late November 30th/Early December 1st and groups will be posted no later than December 5th!!  So far we have about 30 participants (all ladies) from all over the world… we’d like others to join too… and it’s not just for the ladies!! ;)  You can click on the picture below to see all the details and sign up information! :D2010 Christmas Card Swap Logo
Also, I haven’t been able to get around to everyone’s blogs like I want to… I’ve been skimming most of them but haven’t really been commenting but hopefully I can get back into the swing of things this coming week as well as write my two race recaps.  So, don’t think I don’t care… I do and I will make it to your blog eventually :)

Blog Posts From The Week

Breaking News!!
[Almost] Wordless Wednesday
Thanksgiving Recap

Races I’m Registered For

5/7/11 – Capital City Half Marathon


  1. Hi there!
    I see you have a list of who signed up and I don't see my name, just want to make sure you got my info!! thanks!!

  2. Caroline - I did get your info!! You're good to go! :) I'm updating the list right now!!

  3. Wow, your blog is looking great! Love the new design and happy you kept your name :)

  4. great week!
    lots of rest but also lots accomplished!

  5. I can't wait for the recap's!!! Your blog is looking awesome:) I want to know more about the Wii you love it? Love your card idea. You got my info right?

  6. Hungry Runner - Yes I did! :) You're good to go :)

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! Look forward to reading your race report!

  8. "In like Flynn". Ha, I just used that myself in a recent post! Rock on.


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