Friday, November 19, 2010

Frightful Friday

ok, so… I just got back from running (no I didn’t go this morning.. we switched our plans to tomorrow morning 7am)  and I can’t help but think that my run deserves a blog post.

I got all bundled up in my “winter gear” and headed outside totally in the mood for a great run!  It’s the coldest I’ve run in so far but it felt so refreshing!!  I was going to take my favorite route and headed down the lane when I saw those 3 dreaded dogs just waiting for me to come by so they could snap at my calves and heels…  I immediately turned around and headed the other direction.

That’s ok” I thought  “A few more hills should be fun!”  and off I went!

I felt like I was running at a decently fast pace and I was really enjoying my run and battling up those hills was like a game to me… After each hill I conquered, I did a little fist pump at the top before running towards the next one…
childish? maybe.. fun? definitely!  ;)

I turned around when I decided it was getting too dark and that’s when it happened… my “perfect run”  turned into just a “good run”  … I got some side cramps.  But they usually go away pretty quickly so I powered through it and decided it wasn’t going to ruin my fun!

Not even a minute after my cramps went away, I started up a hill and halfway up, I passed a line of trees…

OUT OF NOWHERE COMES THIS ST BERNARD… running right towards me, barking so loudly!!!  If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know i HATE dogs!!!  Right away my vision started getting blurry, the blood drained from my face, and my muscles tensed up, I got an instant headache and kept saying
“go home”
“good dog”
“go home”

I felt like I was going in slow motion…  yes, for all you new followers, I’m deathly afraid of dogs… I try to act like I’m not, but all that flies out the window when you have a huge mass of 200 pounds running AT you!!

That’s when it really started going downhill… literally and figuratively… I made it to the other side of the hill and the dog finally went back home and I tried so hard to relax but I think my fear and adrenaline really did a number on my tummy!  I felt terrible!  like I was going to throw up or go to the bathroom and I kept telling myself that I really needed a Road ID and to start running with my phone.  What if something would’ve happened and that dog KILLED me and mauled my face?!  no one would be able to tell who I was or who to call… ugh!! Stupid dogs!  ok… maybe that last part… about the mauling… was a bit dramatic…

My tummy problems persisted and I had to run/walk the rest of the way home… I thought I was for sure gonna be a mess by the time I made it back home, but luckily I was not!  I made it in one piece and was never so happy to be home!!  This is my “I survived” pose:


Don’t mind my crazy hair, I think it has a mind of it’s own.  AND Yes, I have a “dog”, but he’s not really a dog… he’s a 7 year old puppy lol ;)  Look how cute he is!  all 7 lbs of him!  I probably wouldn’t mind if all dogs were Gabriel’s size! haha!


So yeah… that was my nice, relaxing, fun run turned stressful, run for my life and survive, run lol… are any of you deathly afraid of dogs? Or am I the only one?  How do you deal with dogs while you’re running? Especially BIG dogs!?


  1. UNDERSTOOD. We just bought pepper spray to deal with dogs because apparently "leash law" means nothing to the inhabitants in this tiny little town.

    No offense, but I don't even like running by dogs Gabriel's size - they still bite. There is a mean one that is about that size that always comes after me (and can jump their pathetic excuse for a fence).

    A few weeks ago, I ran up our main stretch & was headed back the same way. Two dogs come at me from their (not completely fenced in) yard. After they went back home (after I yelled and ran and yelled and ran), I thought I was going to throw up or pass out. It was awful. I had to cut my run a mile short. So you're not alone.

  2. I'm so right there with you! I love dogs though (have two of my own), but when I'm running or biking and a dog comes after me, I absolutely freak out. My husband was attacked my two dogs on our normal route a few years back (we stopped running that route) and I've been snarled at one too many times to count. There's nothing you can do... talk nice, back away slowly, and keep your hands near your face in case they attack. That's my plan at least.

    Glad you made it home without any harm!

  3. I love dogs, but I'm terrified of them when I'm running past!! It always seems like a game to them, to chase & bite the person moving quickly....

    You have some cute running gear! How cold was it outside?

  4. Gabriel is a very cute puppy. I used to have a yorkie they are so cute. I always say I need to buy some pepper spray "just in case" any random dog or crazy person attacks. I have yet to do it though..I know I know I need to get some. Hope the dogs stay away from you while you run.

  5. on my run yesterday i had to make 2 detours because i saw dogs in the near distance that were not fenced in or on a leash...and i LOVE dogs...always have, and always will...but i think letting dogs roam free is irresponsible, not matter how well behaved they are. i will not take chances either with a dog that i don't know. being smart when running can be the difference between a terrible encounter and no encounter at all. :)

  6. I love dogs, but I don't love dogs unleased on the trail or roads. You just never know what they might do.

    You need a RoadID. Then they could ID you if you get mauled by a killer St Bernard. ;-)

  7. I love dogs a lot and have another problem. All dogs love me! They follow me home and they all want to play and jump on me. Don't know what it is but a dog will bark at and chase everyone else but follow me with its tail wagging ready to play.

  8. I think it's funny you hate dogs... and then reveal you have one. LOL!

    I am the same way though. I do not like big dogs. But I secretly want to get a little dog some day, like a terrier, if the hubz will agree.

    Good job on fending off the Bernard!!

  9. Big dogs barking and running right towards me would have freaked me out too and probably made me pee my pants!! I'm glad he left you alone and you made it home safely!!
    Have you ever thought about carrying a small pepper spray with you? I have a small one that I can hold in my hand or attach to my belt/spibelt/waist. Just an idea!!

  10. S Club Mama - No offense taken! ;)

    Suzanad - Thanks :) I actually got that top at target last year with the intent of just wearing it with jeans... I LOVE it for running tho! :)

    Johann - I need you to tell me your secret!! haha

    Aimee - Where did you buy your pepper spray from?! I need to get some!

  11. Z - I work in management at the Post Office. Dogs love mail men almost as much as runners! All our carriers carry Halt brand dog repellent. I wouldn't use it unless I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO because it is painful for the animal (and you too if it sprays back in your face!), but it's nice to know you've got it in case of an emergency.

  12. Pam - Thanks! I'll have to look into that! I need something that can easily be clipped onto a belt or waistband!

  13. oh wow, that is awful. I love big dogs...but i HATE dogs of any kind when running!! they scare the crap out of me. Glad it turned out okay!

  14. I love all dogs and haven't ever been afraid of any but can understand the fear. I'd suggest carrying pepper spray or something too!

  15. I sometimes get nervous when dogs chase me when I am running too! I know how you feel. I don't mind dogs but I do feel a little anxiety when I don't know the dog:)
    Cheers for surviving the run!

  16. Sounds like I feel like everyone else. I love dogs. I have two of my own. However, I'm super frightened of dogs I don't know!

  17. Yep - time for you to get a Road ID! I have one and I instantly felt safer the first time I ran with it.

    I am a major dog lover. I could pretty much cuddle with any dog. However, with that being said, I do find myself tensing up if I encounter one on a run that isn't on a leash. I am comfortable with them, but I have no idea what a strange dog might thing of some strange girl running toward it. So I understand your nerves.

    Glad you made it home and didn't pass out in front of the doggy! :)


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