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Blogs… Why do you read them?

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So, I’m working on a review/giveaway post, but recently have been reading quite a bit about blogs and why people read them or why people actually blog…

I want your opinions… what keeps you going back to read the same blogs over and over again every day/week?

Is it the way they look?  The content? The pictures? The recipes?  The randomness?  The catchy name?  The author’s personality?  The healthy competition?  Or something else completely?

Be honest

ALSO… how do you feel about bloggers who make money off their blog? 

Do you make money off your blog?

What keeps you writing your blog?  Inspiration?  Support networking?  Journaling?  Accountability?  Workout log?  The money? ;)

Again… be honest because I’m totally curious… And I’m sure the answers are different for each person because even though we all have running/working out in common… unlike the myth… we all aren’t robots who think the same way, say the same things, or talk about training/races nonstop

ok, maybe the latter is a fact lol ;)

Hit me with your opinions and I’ll keep working on this giveaway post!! ;)


  1. I started blogging about running recently as an outlet to save race reports, photos, and things that make me happy. I don't intend to make money off of it, but I like sharing with others on Twitter/FB and getting some comments. I've been debating using it as a workout log but so far just write about specifically good (or rough) memorable workouts.

    I don't mind people making money, but too many ads and/or too much in the sidebars can be overwhelming. I like reading others' blogs to hear about training ideas, good races, and products that are helpful, so I'll especially come back to blogs that have those topics.

    Ultimately - it's fun and inspirational to read and write! Good discussion question.

  2. i enjoy blogging, but have a hard time keeping up with it. i blog primarily for myself....accountability, journaling. it's a record of my training and what's going on in my life. i enjoy looking back at older blog posts and seeing that i made it through a tough situation. gives me encouragement to keep on going.

    i don't make money off my blog, and think those that do are much more committed to this whole blog thing than i am! :)

    what usually draws me to a particular blog are a couple of things. the blogger's personality is probably the most important thing. i like to think of it as a glimpse into a "virtual friend's" life. i also enjoy reading about how people have gotten past roadblocks, and if i can learn something new, that's great too!

    thanks for a great blog!!

  3. I read blogs because they motivate me, because they entertain me, and sometimes because I just plain like the person (at least how they appear on the blog).

    I started my own blog because I realized how much the blogs I read affected me and I wanted to be a part of that. I want someone to stumble on my blog and decide to go for their goals, to live a healthier lifestyle, or even just to believe in themselves. I've heard already a couple times that I've inspired people, and that makes me so happy I can't even describe it.

    Ok, and there is the part of me that started a blog because I wanted to be part of the community. It seems like everyone is friends and they have so much fun and I want in. Please? Let me be your friend?

    I don't make money from my blog, but eventually I would like to. Mostly just to break even, but I wouldn't be against being able to buy a new pair of running shoes occasionally.

    It doesn't bother me when blogs make money, as long as there are not pop up ads and selling products doesn't take over the entire show. I've seen blogs where everyday is a new giveaway and there is no actual content. At least tell us about your training or what is going on in your life!

  4. I read your blog because you are adorable and appear to be genuine (confirmed upon meeting you this Fall)!
    I don't make money from blogging (the idea cracks me up . . . I have 41 followers - LOL!). I don't mind reading blogs of people who do make money from blogging but I really don't like reading blogs who appear to only be doing it for the paycheck. Make sense? I like blogs who are written by people who are genuine, funny, and informative.
    As far as what things I like - yes, the look (I prefer the look of blogger over WP blogs - WP blogs seem chaotic and crowded). Yes, the content. Yes, the pictures. yes, the randomness. Yes, the author's personality. No, the recipes or healthy competition.
    I currently write my blog primarily for journaling/work out log about my journey to becoming fitter (which happens to be through running as much as that was not the original intent of my blog). I also write it a little bit for accountability. I LOVE the community and support that comes with being a blogger.
    Love your blog and think the world of you!!!!

  5. Zaneta, I'm not in a good "running" place mentally now...so that means I'm not in a good "blogging" place right now. So take this with a grain of salt.

    I started reading blogs because I liked the stories, and I was very selective with the ones I read. They inspired me to start my own blog.

    When I started my own, I wanted comments, and readers...so I began reading others and commenting on others.

    After a while I found that I was just putting out meaningless garbage that nobody wanted to read (as evidenced by the amount of traffic I'd get). I also noticed that all I did was beg people to read and subscribe...which was something I was entirely uncomfortable with.

    The more blogs I read, the more I thought that they were places for people to do humble brags about stuff they were doing, or XYZ thought so much of them they called them to review a product...every. single. week.

    So with that I've started paring down the blogs I keep up with to those that I'm interested in the story that the blogger is telling from day to day...week to week.

    Running blogs are on this viscous cycle in my opinion. To get readers, you need a giveaway. To get the giveaways you need readers...and the cycle never ends.

    I never had giveaways OR readers. Probably a good reason I'm not in a good place huh?

    Sorry to be Debbie Downer...but you asked. Feel free to delete if you want.

  6. First off, before I forget, I mailed my Christmas cards off this weekend.

    As for reading blogs, I have different reasons. A lot of times I read because I identify with the blogger and have a lot in common with them, or at least I feel like we have a lot in common. Like, I feel like I'd be friends with them in real life.

    Some people's blogs I read just because they write really, really well and articulate well. And some of them, the people just have interesting lives- or either they know how to write well enough to make a not-so-interesting life interesting. That really fascinates me because I write procedures and training manuals for a living and obviously strive to make them slightly more interesting.

    I also read some blogs just because they're giveaway blogs and other blogs just because it's good for my job or profession. Hehe.


  7. I started blogging as a way to keep me accountable and to journal. I had just moved not too long ago and don't have many friends so the running blogging community have been wonderful.
    I read blogs that are funny, and the ones that offer a little bit of everything - fashion, running, products, projects, life. :)
    I dont care if they make a buck or two. But when every single post is a giveaway or a product review ... that gets a little old.

  8. I used to have a running blog, and LOVED the original blogging community. Then it turned into a huge giveaway/marketing scheme for some. Many great bloggers have gone away, there are some good bloggers left, I read because they are honest and motivating. I generally avoid blogs that are preachy, full of giveaways (especially ones that want you to follow them to enter), and are constantly trying to elevate their profile by sucking up to bigger bloggers. I don't mind ads, I am not opposed to a blogger earning income in this manner, but the sponsored product reviews are generally insincere.

  9. My blog actually started as a team blog, but as soon as the team came together, it fell apart, I just kept going

    I blog and read blog, lets be honest here, not many people close to us understand us. They dont get why we train so much, why we race, why we need this or that, why we cant stay up late or eat everything at the party. We blog because we follow people with the same interest. They get us, because they deal with the same thing, the high, the lows, the good and the bad. They understand the sacrfice, the pain, and the glory of a finisher line.

  10. Hey there :) I started blogging when I was younger to join the scene...then it became so much "work" and I stopped. I then started running and baking and decided to join this blogging community b/c it was SOOOOO positive and uplifting. I recently had a negative experience with one of my posts but overall I love blogging in this happy community.

    It really makes me feel like I have a bunch of "friends" and that makes life as a mother a little less lonely :)

    I don't make money off my blog at all. I don't mind people that do. as some other comments stated I obviously don't enjoy being bombarded with ads flashing in my face though ;)

  11. Christmas cards went out today for Group Cookie! :)

  12. I started blogging because I love to write and it has been a form of healing for me since my mother passed away unexpectedly this year while running. For me, blogging is like a journal.

    What keeps me coming back is the community I have found. Other bloggers hold me accountable, offer support and guidance, advice and definitely make me laugh or smile when I am feeling down!

    I love it that the blogs are so different and I like that each blog develops it's own personality. I like blogs that update regularly, but not so much that you can't keep up. I pay attention to the designs and ease of using the site. Like, if I want to send someone a message. I like posts that are varied and bloggers who discuss a variety of topics.

    I don't make money off my blog, but I have gained some other great opportunities from it. It doesn't bother me at all if other people get income from their writing.

    It was great to think about these things - thanks for posting! I like blogs that make me think too! ;) I can always find something unexpected here. ;)

  13. It's the blogger herself that keeps me coming back for more. She can be fast or slow, interesting or just a good writer. I don't care about what a blog looks like. A few pictures are nice.

    I don't mind if a blogger has an ad on her page, but I do mind if a blogger only writes to be paid and focuses on getting page views.

    Giveaways and reviews are annoying, and I tend not to follow blogs that have too many. I don't want such advertisements clogging up my Reader.

    I blog for the accountability and for the community.

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  15. I could care less about people making money off their blogs.

    I write to share my thoughts and stories and hopefully offer some worthwhile advice along the way.

    What keeps me reading a blog is normally the blogger's voice and content. I enjoy reading about anything and everything.

  16. I love to write -so blogging is kind of a way for me to write, but interact with my friends at the same time. Plus it DOES hold me accountable. Even on a run I'll try to push a little harder just because I don't want to tell you all how I failed at it.

    I do have the blogs I read organized into groups so I can easily remember who's who. When I'm in a time crunch I hit the "favorites" first -- you're in that category! I like the blogs with personality. People I can relate to. Good, non-boring people with honest posts. I really wish I had more time to keep up better, but I do my best!


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