Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wedding Videos

Well, Christmas marked the 6 month anniversary of marrying my best friend!!  I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already… craziness!!  In order to celebrate, I thought that all of you, my blog peeps, would like to see how my wedding went down…  Some people took videos for me so I’ll post them in order of how they happened so it’s kinda like you’re at my wedding back on June 25th!! ;)  Enjoy…

Wedding Processional:


“The Kiss”:


His Surprise to me was singing L.O.V.E. to me!  I loved it!! :)

Perspective 1:

Perspective 2:

Maid of Honor Speech:

Groomsman Speech:

Bouquet Toss:

Garter Toss:


There ya have it… It was such a fun day…. Best day of my life! :) 
I LOVE my husband and can’t believe we’ve had a wonderful 6 months together already!!  If you want to see actual pictures you can go up to the tabs and click on “wedding updates”… the pictures are all the way down on the bottom of the page!  I hope you felt like you were somewhat actually at our wedding!!
Thanks for coming ;)


  1. Ok. Now. This. Rocks!!!
    What a great idea to post these!!

    You look amazing!!
    What a beautiful dress on a beautiful woman!!

  2. This couple are so much in love,u can see it all over them. I was just laughing all thru. great wedding.

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