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Apera Bags Yoga Tote Review & Giveaway

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Apera Bags Giveaway

I was on the internet a few weeks ago looking for a cute way to lug around not only my gym stuff, but my yoga mat as well.  Now let’s just get something straight here, when I say “gym stuff” I’m not just talking about a Garmin and a water bottle… I’m talking like a whole wardrobe change AND the kitchen sink!! I seriously WAY over pack to get my workout on!! You can’t be too prepared right?! Let’s face it… those little tiny Nike backpacks just don’t cut it!! I mean, I can fit a pair of shoes and a piece of gum in that thing and that’s about it!! If I’m carrying my yoga mat, water bottle, and everything else I might need for my workout, that little bag’s not doing me any favors!! That’s when I happened upon Apera Bags! They were gracious enough to send me their Yoga Tote for a review and I’m super excited to tell you all about it!! :)

Pockets Full of Sunshine

One thing that really stood out to me was all the pockets! It has pockets full of sunshine everywhere!! It quite LITERALLY has pockets inside of pockets!! No Joke!! It has a place for everything and it’s plenty big enough to hold everything I need to take to the gym with room to spare! (Although it’s not quite big enough to fit the kitchen sink, but you win some you lose some I guess!)  To tell you just how big it is, let me tell you what all I fit into my Apera Bags Yoga Tote:

  What I take to the gym  

~ Pair of size 9 women’s shoes (the bag has a separate compartment inside to keep the stench of my shoes from spreading)
~ Yoga Blocks
~ Yoga Strap
~ Ipod Nano with arm strap and earbuds
~ Eyeglasses case and contact case
~ Fuel: Clif Bar and Orange
~ Hydration: Nuun & Waterbottle (the yoga tote has a special place on the side for water bottles so your stuff won’t get wet if there’s a leak)
~ Workout notebook and pen
~ Workout Outfit: Shorts, a tshirt, sports bra
~ Backup outfit: Capris and tank (I told you I overpack)
~ After workout clothes: towel, sweatshirt, and a clean pair of socks
~ And of course my YOGA MAT!!

Apera Bags Yoga ToteApera Bags Yoga Tote Inside

You may be thinking “how in the world did you fit all of that AND your yoga mat inside your gym bag?!”  Well my friends, that’s easy! I didn’t have to put my yoga mat inside the bag because it has it’s own special place on top of the bag!! The strap on the bag has a special “Y” shape that you can easily fit your yoga mat through! (OR your foam roller and friendly massage stick)!

Apera Bag with Foam RollerApera Bag with Yoga Mat 

Some other things I LOVE about Apera Bag’s healthier bags are:

- It’s antimicrobial to help prevent the growth of bacteria and yucky odors
- It has vented compartments to help air the bag out (which it definitely needs after my shoes are in there!)
- Wipeable lining that makes it easy to keep clean
- A separate washable insert to keep your stinky gross clothes away from your clean ones!
- Padded pockets for electronics such as garmin, phone, and ipod
- Not too big and not too small!! It’s the perfect size!!

Apera donates one bag to a Special Olympics athlete for every three bags they sell!

They only thing I wish were different about the bag is that the pockets were different shapes on each side!  Both side’s outside pockets look the same (size and shape) and I tend to open the wrong side first when looking for something! Besides that tiny little thing, I love my Apera Yoga Tote!!

Apera Yoga Tote in action

A couple of weeks ago Apera announced some awesome sales! Right now they are offering 40% OFF their entire Blue line of bags (any style) including the Yoga Tote (making it about $72 instead of $119)!  AND if one sale wasn’t enough, their Duffel Packs in any color, are 40% OFF as well! Go Go Go!! What are you waiting for? That’s a great deal!! Make sure you come back though because I have not 1, but 2 ways for you to win your very own Apera Bag!

First chance, Apera holds their own giveaway on their website for a different style bag each month! This month is the Yoga Tote!!  All you have to do to enter is head on over and provide your email address for updates!  Here’s more info for you!

UPDATE:  March's giveaway will be an Apera Sling Tote in the color of your choice.

Second, Apera is offering one of my readers the chance to win an Apera Sprint Pack of their very own AND 25% off their bag of choice!!  Just enter below!!

Sprint Pack**Apera sent me a bag to review on my blog, but as always my opinions are my own!! I was not compensated in any other way! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I really need a yoga tote. My lulu tote bag doesn't have enough room to carry my 3 towels (2 to shower and 1 for practice) and my water bottles. So I splurged and bought a manduka yoga mat bag too - and I can barely fit anything else in it like it claims. It looks like this bag could be a contender - in pink of course! Any other color would be a sin :) and quite frankly not as fun

  2. I would love to have the yoga tote or the performance duffle in pink!

  3. These are all so cute!! I would definitely have to go with a pink bag though! Girly all the way!

  4. These bags look awesome! I love either the yoga bag or the duffle in PINK!!

  5. This would be awesome to win! I have such issues finding good gym bags :(

  6. I would love the performance duffle

  7. I like the sling tote, in white.

  8. I'd love a pink yoga bag :)

  9. Love that yoga tote in pink. so darn cute!

  10. Love the pink yoga bag - looks like it can fit a ton!

  11. I love the active bag, pink of course :) - the fact that there's a separate compartment to hold wet items seals the deal (I could have used that all those years I spent as a lifeguard!!)

  12. I really like the performance duffel. The yoga bag is cute too. I'd probably go with a basic black and maybe monogram it!

    Amy Lauren

  13. the pink yoga bag
    thanks for the giveaway

  14. I would love the pink yoga!!

  15. Really cute bag!

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  16. Love the gray/orange sling tote! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. I would love to have the yoga tote in pink!

  18. The Yoga bag in pink - Maryalicia -

  19. I WANT the pink yoga please!!

  20. I love the sling bag in pearl. So cute!

  21. I would LOVE a pink yoga bag!

  22. I would love love love pink yoga bag!

  23. Yoga tote in fuchsia - so cute!

  24. SO hard to choose just one. The pink yoga tote is adorable!

  25. They all seem like such great bags! I like the yoga tote (especially because it has room for my roller!) - and I definitely like the pink!


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