Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Marathon Time!!

Oh you be cray cray!!  I’m not talking about RUNNING a marathon silly “RLuckies”  << That’s what I literally just now decided to call you all!  You like it?  It’s like you “are lucky” (“luckies” for short?) … ok, don’t try to see through my logic… it won’t work!  My brain works differently than most I guess ;)

ANYWAYS… I just found Netflix and remembered I started a tv show series about 5 years ago and never finished it…


Yes, I’ve been having a “Lost” Marathon!! I started back at the pilot episode!  There are 6 seasons… this might take me a while!!

In other news we are having yet another snow storm and have a 1 hour delay for tomorrow already!  Let the celebration begin!!


What better way to celebrate than by watching yet another episode?!! ;)

PS – sorry for the blog sidebar deficiencies… if you click the “home” button to go to the main page they disappear.  I’m trying to find a solution but haven’t found the right tech-y vitamin or mineral I’m lacking yet… Anyone else have any issues like this lately?? How did you fix it?

Alright… time to celebrate!! Stay tuned this week for some FUN, and I mean the most fun you’ve ever had in your life, news coming up this week! :)

Do you have Netflix or Hulu+?

What shows/movies do you recommend?
(I watched the Croods and thought that was a cute movie)


  1. I don't have netflix but kind of wish I did because I've been hearing about so many good shows on there lately that I'd like to see! I've actually never seen Lost either!

  2. I have Netflix and did a Lost marathon last year. I am not in love with how it ended but it is a great show!

  3. We just got apple tv so we are considering seeing what all the netflix hype is about. I'm scared I might become addicted to it. ;)

  4. Lost is great! You will enjoy watching it.

  5. I have lost many hours in Netflix marathons. Unfortunately, all the shows I watch are still on the air, but they have a couple of seasons in Netflix. My obsessions are Scandal and The Walking Dead. Great shows!

  6. Lost is great. Friday Night Lights is great. Older - West Wing.

  7. I remember when me and my husband were watching the series. Many hours spent together on the couch watching Lost LOL enjoy!


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