Monday, March 24, 2014

GREAT NEWS!! #ffcheckin and an Awesome Workout!

You can save 15% or more on car insurance…

Just kidding! ha! And yes… What you see on my blog is what you get… stupid humor and all! Although I do hold back on my lame jokes quite a bit so that you guys will maybe like me a little bit more and not think I’m a weirdo! ;)

I really do have some awesome great news though! Are you guys ready for this?!  Last year I applied to be a #FitFluential Ambassador and a couple weeks ago I got the official “you’re accepted” email.  I didn’t want to share though until today when I got the official “you’re official” email!  So it’s official… I’m now the newest FitFluential Ambassador!! I’m super excited to be a part of yet another great community!!

fitfluential Ambassador-BadgeAre you a #FFAmbassador??

So, my day today was pretty much amazing and not really for any specific reason… other than I actually got enough sleep for once last night!

**Confession**  I’ve been AWFUL at going to bed at a decent time!!  Most nights I won’t go to sleep til after midnight or 1am! I can blame it on not getting off work til 11pm at my second job, but it’s totally my fault…

Ok, back to my awesome day… I only went to work (educational assistant) for half a day and got off at noon to go to a required training.  Well that training wasn’t supposed to end til 4pm which is when I normally get off work anyways… BUT I got done at 2!!! How awesome right?!  That meant that I got to the gym 2 hours earlier and wasn’t exhausted (in part because I got enough sleep) and got home 2 hours earlier and was able to make dinner when the sun was still shining!

I know some of you are like “girl, why don’t you go to the gym BEFORE work and then you’d be home at 4 every Monday!” lol… well, you may have missed the one few billion posts where I mention I’m a cheapskate frugal, have a bajillion jobs, and don’t even have enough money to fly across the US to Cali this summer which is why I don’t have a gym membership and workout at my college alma mater for FREE… which means my workout window is pretty small as the gym is only open from 10-8.  Such is life and you gotta make the most of what you’ve got, so I’m not complaining! :)

Gym Workout ViewThis is the view from where I worked out today… Not too shabby right?!


I switched up my workout a little bit… I did a circuit type of workout today…

- Walking Warmup 7min --> .42mi

- Squats (12)(14)(16); Lunges (10ea leg); Wall Sit (30sec); Pushups (10 manly ones) ;)  X 3 repeats

- 30 Day Fast Start with Jackie Warner [Arms only, used 5lbs] (I have it memorized so no need for the DVD ha!)

- Side Lunges (10ea leg); Plank (45sec)(50sec)(1:00); Crunches (20); Bicycle Crunches (16)(18)(20) X 3 repeats

- Run 20:27min --> 2 miles!!! Pretty pumped cuz I’m consistently running 2 miles without any knee pain!!

- Walking Cooldown 8min --> .46mi

- Stretch for 20 minutes

 Wall Sits
Wall Sits!!! (and Nuun Energy!! Don’t forget to enter my giveaway!)

No scientifically proven reason why I did any of the things I did in my workout… just did it cuz it sounded fun! ;) And remember, if you duplicate this workout for yourself cuz it sounds fun, I’m not a doctor or trainer or coach, etc… nor do I play one on tv!  It’s just a workout I came up with on my own and doesn’t guarantee you any kind of results except for maybe sore muscles ;)

I’ll leave you a picture of my dinner…

Chicken Quesadilla, Rice, Mixed Veggies, Salad, and Water

And just a reminder to enter my giveaways going on right now!! They both end 3/31 at 11:59pm!! :) (click the pic to go to the giveaway)

 NUUN IMG_20140315_131725

How was your workout this fine Monday?! ;)
Are you a FitFluential Ambassador?
Are you an Ambassador for a company/program/blog?
What’d you have for dinner?



  1. Congrats on being Fitfluential Ambassador!! And I hear ya on the chep part of not wanting a gym membership. I also work out at my school's gym for free, or when I'm working as a trainer I get to work out for free as well, so NOPE not payin for a gym lol

    1. Thanks!!
      And gym memberships are too expensive... maybe one day when I make double my salary now... ha!

  2. Congrats on the ambassadorship! I'm hoping to join the ranks next time they take applications :)

  3. Congrats on your new ambassador status! nothing wrong with being frugal!

  4. Congratulations! I am not a Fitfluential ambassador but hopefully one day.

  5. congratulations on being an ambassador, that is fantastic!

    1. Thanks so much!! I'm excited to be a part of a huge group of inspiring fitness individuals! I feel honored to have been added to the list! :)

  6. Congrats on becoming a FitFluential Ambassador and for getting in some pain-free running!

    1. Thanks Tina!! I am super stoked for both! Especially the running pain free!! Slow and steady does it I guess!! Hopefully it won't take long before I'm back out there racing! :)

  7. Congratulations! FF is a fun group and I am sure you will love it.

  8. Congrats fellow FF ambassador! ;) Haha! I love what you said...the official "you're official" official email. :)


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