Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Faves Hosted by Five for Friday

Hello R-Luckies!! Welcome to my Friday Faves brought to you by Five For Friday!! ;)

1. My Workout on Monday was probably one of my favorite workouts this year! Everything was just clicking and I felt great physically and mentally!

I warmed up by walking, then I ran 1.51 miles in 17:45 (11:45/mile)
I also did some other weights and stuff, but I was super happy with how I felt during the run!! I’m coming back people!!

Running on the treadmill Selfie at the gym

I also held my longest handstand EVER!!! No wall!! Check it out on Instagram!!  I’m so proud of my 3 second handstand! haha!
If you’d like to see the video, just click on the picture below!

Handstand Practice 

Then I came home and ate a favorite meal… chicken cordon bleu casserole with a salad and cottage cheese
while watching a favorite show… Wheel. of. fortune!!! (read that like they announce it on tv! haha)

2014-03-03 19.34.372014-03-03 19.35.00  

2. My favorite giveaways right now and I’m not biased or anything lol ;)

3. The weather today is gorgeous!!! You better believe I’m getting out there today!!  My favorite workouts happen outside!!

2014-03-07 19.08.59

4. Nuun is my favorite electrolyte drink and they just came out with their new Energy drink!
Why yes… I did just buy a sampler pack lol… I couldn’t help myself!! Look at that awesome bottle!

nuun energy sampler pack 

5. My favorite down time right now is watching Lost.  I finished season 1 of and can’t wait to get started on the 2nd season!!  Any Lost fans out there?


What are some of your favorites this week/weekend??!!




  1. I know how great it feels to be coming back from an injury! Hope it goes well!

  2. Glad to hear your running is going good, and nice job with the handstand!

  3. Loved watching lost! Congrats on your headstand. I can't do those at all!

  4. I loved watching lost! Congrats on the headstand, I couldn't do one for a second!

  5. I'm so excited you got to run!! Woohoo!
    I hate Nuun. (I know, I'm probably the only weirdo out there)
    You're just now watching Lost? Lol! Loved that show!!


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