Sunday, February 9, 2014

2014 Valentine’s Day Card Swap Groups

I know you all have been hitting f5… refreshing the page to see this update pop up on your screen!!  Am I right?! ;)  Tell me I’m right!! lol…

Ok, you may have even forgotten you signed up… but I like to think I’m a popular kid on the block! ;)  Without further ado, here are your Valentine’s Day Card Swap Groups as picked by!! Look for an email tonight with your group’s info!!

2014 Valentine's Day Card Swap Logo

Group #1:

Hannah from Cupcake Mumma
Lori from Weights and Feats
Elizabeth from Instagram
Sandra from Facebook
Ruby from I’m a Runner’s Mom

Group #2:

Zaneta from Runner’s Luck
Jess from Run With Jess
Bobbie from Journey in Running
Jessica from Instagram



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