Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cali or Bust!! My Fund For Fitness!

My #1 Goal this year… in 2014… is to raise enough money to be able to go to Anaheim, California August 14-17th for the IDEA World Fitness Blogfest with Sweat Pink!!  (you can read more about my goal and why it’s my goal HERE)

Why am I trying to raise money for the trip instead of just paying for it?
I LOVE my job! I get to work with preschoolers who have disabilities! It’s such a rewarding job! I walk in smiling and walk out smiling!  When I took the job I knew I wouldn’t be making enough money to pay all my bills let alone get a gym membership, so I had to take a couple other jobs to make ends meet. When I saw how much it would cost to go to the blogfest, I was sad because I knew I wouldn’t be able to go… BUT then I thought, I can raise the money!!  I told myself if I could raise the money outside of my paycheck, I could go to the conference!!  So that is what I am trying to do!! This page is the overview of my progress and different ways you can help me get to California this summer!

The amount it will cost me to go is:

$399 – Conference Cost (covered by Tommie Copper)
$778 – Airfare (Roundtrip)
$636 – Hotel (4 nights)
$1813 $1413 – Full Trip Cost

If you feel like being generous, or want a shout out on my blog and a pat on the back, or maybe just want to be my Fairy God Mother for 2014 and help send me to California, take a look below!!  Maybe one (or more) of the ways to help me live out my dream/goal sounds appealing to you!!  Thanks for even just stopping by and checking it out!! You guys are the best!!

 Cali or Bust! 25% with text 


To place an order for any of the items below, go to the product page and hit the “Order Now” button to go to the short order form!!

Skinny Yoga Mat Strap
(for the product page click here)

 Skinny Yoga Mat Strap Graphic


OPEN TO COMPANIES AND INDIVIDUALS who are looking to promote and gain exposure at the LARGEST fitness event in the WORLD!! Click here for more in depth information about becoming a sponsor for my trip!

GREAT Promotional Opportunity for Health

Promotional Opportunities for Sponsors include, but not limited to:

          ~ Ad Space on my blog
          ~ Promoting your company on my blog before, during, and after the event
          ~ Live instagramming and tweeting at the event promoting your company
          ~ Wear or use your products at the event
          ~ Blog posts before and after the event thanking your company
          ~ Your company’s Logo or Website on my business card I’ll be passing out at the conference
          ~ Of course plenty of word-of-mouth promoting at the conference

Basically I’ll be a walking, talking, blogging billboard for your company! ;) Email me at or click HERE (email form) to discuss becoming a sponsor!



Ad Space is available to Companies, Blogs, and Individuals, on my blog as a way to contribute to my dream fund!

Sidebar Ad (200x200) Space is available for $10/month

 Screenshot 2014-02-10 00.21.11

Sidebar Ad (125x125) Space is available for $5/month

125x125 ad example

***Click here for more information***


If for some really bizarre reason you want to be my Fairy God Mother and just make a donation, you are seriously the best, kindest, angel ever!!! Just click the “Donate” button below!! Seriously… you are awesome and I owe you like a bazillion favors!!Donate Button

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