Monday, February 10, 2014

Seeking Event Sponsorship with Health and Fitness Companies

A call for Fitness & Health related companies looking to spread the word about their product through word-of-mouth and social media at the LARGEST Fitness event in the WORLD!

GREAT Promotional Opportunity for Health and Fitness Companies 

If you haven’t heard of the IDEA World Fitness Blogfest with Sweat Pink, you’re missing out!!  It’s THE LARGEST fitness event in the world held in Anaheim, California! This health and fitness convention brings bloggers from all corners of the globe together for advanced blogging sessions, celebrity workouts, and plenty of opportunities to network with other fitness, blogging, and social media gurus!

As I said in my Dream for 2014 post, I’m so excited to go BUT I don’t have the funds to get myself there!  I LOVE my job because I get to work with such wonderful little preschoolers who just happen to have autism but don’t let it hold them back BUT it doesn’t allow any room in my budget for gym memberships let alone travelling across the entire US for a fitness convention!! 
That is why I am looking to partner with Fitness and Health related companies for a great promotional opportunity before, during, and after this amazing event!!  I believe it’s a great place to promote your product or company as everyone attending has the SAME interests as I do and are going to see what products, companies, or trends are THE BEST of 2014 and the future of fitness and health!!IDEA World Fitness Blogfest with Sweat Pink

I am currently looking for full or partial sponsorship for my own attendance to the blogfest!  If you are ANY health or fitness related company related to running, yoga, or nutrition (apparel, jewelry, fuel, recovery, workout tools, etc), I am looking for you!!

I want to be totally honest and up front with you, so here is the approximate cost to send me to the Convention:

Conference - $399 Covered and sponsored by Tommie Copper 
Airfare (Round Trip) - $778
Hotel (4 nights) - $636

FULL Sponsorship - $1813

*Sponsorship amount left - $1413

In return for your sponsorship, your company will receive MANY thanks on my blog (including a sidebar ad) and my other social media websites (FB, IG, Twitter), as well as company promotion and gratitude AT the IDEA World Fitness Blogfest itself! A few ideas I have to benefit your company through this sponsorship are:

~ Ad Space on my blog
~ Promoting your company on my blog before, during, and after the event
~ Live instagramming and tweeting at the event promoting your company
~ Wear or use your products at the event
~ Blog posts before and after the event thanking your company
~ Your company’s Logo or Website on my business card I’ll be passing out at the conference
~ Of course plenty of word-of-mouth promoting at the conference

I am also open to other ways of promoting your company and making this partnership work for you!!  I would love the chance to discuss this opportunity in greater detail with you!!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for my trip please send an email to

If you are a blogger and are interested in becoming a sponsor or helping me get to California for the Convention please feel free to email me at and we can discuss it further!!

Thank you so much for all your support!!  I look forward to hearing from you!!

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