Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Today is your last chance to sign up for the 2010 Christmas Card Swap!!!!  I have about 30 people signed up (all of the female kind) and am waiting on more!!  Trust me, you do NOT want to miss out on this fun!!  So sign up TODAY!!! 

2010 Christmas Card Swap Logo

I will be putting the groups together and posting them no later than December 5th!!  Cards must go out by December 15th!!  So, if you want to still get in on all this excitement, you can sign up by clicking on the picture above!! :D Also, you can check if you’ve already signed up by going to the official page (click the picture) and looking at the list… I believe I am all caught up on updating it, so if your name isn’t there I might have missed your email!  If I did, please send me another email letting me know!


  1. YAY sign me up. Sorry I'm such a loser and am just now seeing this.

  2. I am so excited, I love this idea! Thank you for the sweet comment today:)

  3. I would sign up, however I would probably end up making my wife so mad that I am sending cards to strangers(you know what I mean), when I have relagated the task of Xmas cards to her since the day we were married.

    I think it's a GREAT idea, I just suck and would just disappoint my group.

    Does that make me a man-jerk? I don't want to be an man-jerk.

  4. should I have not said anything at all? Dang...

  5. hahaha... I just got home from work and saw your little "conversation" you had with yourself lol... made me chuckle! lol Glad you decided to join and not be a man-jerk ;)


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