Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :D  I ran a 5k in the morning and then came home to eat a wonderful breakfast, watched the end of the Macy’s day parade and then went to my boyfriends for dinner, came back to my house for dinner AND dessert! haha… Yes, I was full!  I don’t think I’ll have to eat any the next 5 days or so ;)

Then yesterday everyone was home and the boyfriends and girlfriend came over and we played wii (what a workout!!), had homemade hot chocolate and pumpkin pie, watched some really funny home videos, and put our nativity up.  It’s a Christmas tradition that we put it up as a family.  It’s one that everyone enjoys and kind of a competition to see who can find baby Jesus first out of the box.


This morning, I ran another 5k! (That’s right… 2 in 3 days!!)  and had a blast!!!  I will start working on my race reports to put up when I can.  I’ve got some things that I’ve been working on that are quite time consuming (my mom’s afghan) so I’ll put them up when I get to it ;)  I can put my mom’s Christmas gifts on my blog because I know she doesn’t use a computer lol…

Also!!!  I wanted to remind everyone that you have only 3 days left to sign up for the 2010 Christmas Card Swap!!!  So get to it and invite your friends!! :D  CLICK HERE TO JOIN!

Did any of you go shopping yesterday (Black Friday)?  Any good deals?


  1. I did! Shopping recap on my blog. LOL! Set a new shopping PR ;p

  2. I did and it confirmed once again that I hate shopping!!! :)

  3. wow...two races in three days! good work can't wait to read all about them.

    i avoid shopping on black friday at all costs. we're going to go out this afternoon to the outlets. i'm a little afraid for my life...

  4. I've ordered three things online, and that has been the extent of my shopping this weekend!

    I would have LOVED to have gone if I wasn't FLAT BROKE this month!!!

  5. 2 in 3 days - wow girl - good for you! Black Friday shopping for me was on the internet only!

  6. I am not a shopper - so I skipped black friday. Good luck at the races!

  7. I slept through Black Friday - on purpose. Went out today to get some dog food and human food, so I figured I would browse through the rest of the stores. Nothing. No good deals. Nothing I even wanted a deal on. I think I'm not into shopping this year. I can't even believe I said that. Now I feel guilty.

    Congrats on getting in two 5ks! That's rad!

  8. Congrats on the two 5ks! :)

    I did go out yesterday, but it was around noon with my sister and for nothing in particular!

  9. I shopped after work! I figured most people would be napping by then. I was wrong, but the lines weren't too bad!


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