Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Breaking News!!

So, I sat down to watch Tuesday night tv … mainly NCIS and NCIS LA … but wheel of fortune is on right before my shows, so i’m watching it.

They introduced the people and there’s a lady on there who is a marathoner, training for her 9th marathon! 

Then, there’s another woman on there who has run marathons! lol… Fun stuff!!  Just thought I’d share! :)  Runner’s are awesome!! ;)


  1. Yes - runners ARE awesome!

    But so is Mark Harmon. *sigh* He's so dreamy!!

  2. And isn't Mark Harmon that weird teacher dude from Summer School?

  3. Mark Harmon?? Weird??

    He is drool worthy! My mom and I have been overheard by strangers while I was chastising her for having a dream about MY boyfriend, Mark. I'm pretty sure he and I will be married some day.

    I'll invite you all to our wedding!

  4. yay for runners!

    i too watch dvr the glee goodness. there are too many good shows these days. so hard to fit it all in :)

  5. Thats cool, Also Hawaii 5-0 had an episode about triathlons on Monday, must be the endurance sport week

  6. Runners are the best! NCIS is one of the few shows I watch.


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