Monday, November 28, 2011

Sweet Corn Festival 5k Race Recap

Well, Since I’m a little behind on a couple of my recaps, I decided I’m just going to give the details and post pictures… that way, I can be caught up for the year because my marathon was my last race of the 2011 season!  Enjoy…


22nd Annual Sweet Corn Festival 5k
Saturday, September 3, 2011
Start Time:  9:00am

Official Time:  26:04
Overall Place:  154/509


It was already 90 something degrees at the start of this race… it was miserable!!  I ended up running a 7something minute mile for the first mile, which I’d never done before… probably shouldn’t have done then because it drained my energy in that heat!

This was the first race my husband was able to watch me run!  My parents both came as well, and after the race we ate some corn and then left because it was too hot.


Pictures: (as always, you can click the image to make it bigger)


The Race

DSC02572 DSC02575 DSC02576 DSC02578


My Husband Pouring Cold Water On Me After the Race

DSC02582 DSC02581 DSC02584 

My Parents and I

DSC02585 DSC02586


Goofing Off After the Race



  1. Great job with the race! Hard to imagine 90 degree heat right now.

  2. Great job! I can't imagine 90 degrees either!

  3. Yikes the mortal enemy
    it is kind of coming back here too

    congrats on a great time in that heat!!!!

  4. Awesome! That is really hot for this time of year.

  5. Well it was in the beginning of September... now we are in the 50's...

  6. I was running a speed session this morning in 80F heat so I can imagine how awful it was to run in 90. Makes it so much tougher.

  7. Now that is some good december weather for you! Congrats on the run..


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