Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tommie Copper Review

Last month, I was in the thick of training for my first marathon and my knees had been bothering me something fierce!  I had been sitting in my recliner icing my knees and surfing the internet and blogworld after a 20 mile long run when I came across Tommie Copper.

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Tommie Copper was founded by Tom Kallish who suffered a traumatic accident requiring multiple surgeries on his back, knees, and hips leaving him with chronic debilitating arthritic pain.  He created Tommie Copper compression wear, with multi-directional support and copper-infused yarn, because he could only find uncomfortable, restrictive, and bulky medical compression.

Copper has been used as medicine for thousands of years to treat inflammation, stimulate the immune system to fight infections, repair injured tissues, and to promote healing.  To read more about it CLICK HERE.

Here is a list of all their products and their retail prices:


Tommie Copper sent me two knee compression sleeves and a women’s compression shirt to try out.  As soon as I got them, I tried them on and couldn’t believe how comfortable and non-restricting they were!!  They don’t feel as tight as some compression wear, but believe me… they work!!

Fast forward a couple weeks and I had just finished running my first marathon… believe me, my knees were killing me!!  I put on my recovery compression socks along with my Tommie Copper Compression Knee Sleeves and in no time at all, the pain I was experiencing dulled to a mere ache.  I wore them the rest of the day then to bed, and the next morning when I took them off, I was pleasantly surprised that I was WAY LESS sore than I had expected!


Tommie Copper can reduce pain associated with:

Back Pain ~ Sore Shoulders ~ Arthritis ~ Tennis Elbow ~ Tendonitis ~ Carpal Tunnel ~ Ankle Sprains ~ Runner’s Knee ~ Pulled Calf ~ AND most muscle circulatory, and inflammatory conditions…

I LOVE my Tommie Copper apparel!!  All their products are reasonably priced, come in an assortment of colors, and are comfortable enough to wear 24 hours a day!  If you are experiencing pain of any sort, especially from those listed above, please head over to Tommie Copper’s Website HERE and see how wonderfully their products work for yourself!! :)

If you’ve tried Tommy Copper, what do you think about their products?

NOTE: DO NOT use dryer sheets with your Tommie Copper wear because the silicone in them will adhere to the copper and the product won’t work to it’s full potential!

Thank you Tommie Copper for allowing me to review your products!!

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  1. i love my Tommie Copper gear! Good luck on the team refuel! I have been voting!

  2. Thanks Christy! It means the world to me!! :)

  3. I am also a huge TC fan :D I am waiting for my shirt to arrive I can't wait!

  4. Awesome Ali!! You'll love it!! silky smooth and cool! :)

  5. I'm a big TC fan after running my first half last night and sleeping in my shirt and calf sleeves and waking up feeling great!

    Voted for you again! Good luck!

  6. I've been hearing a lot about Tommie Copper more and more lately. The price for the compression sleeves seems so reasonable too. I'm going to check them out, I might need to give them a try!


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