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Tommie Copper: Compression Tights Review

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Tommie Copper Women's Compression Tights Review 

I’ve been able to work with Tommie Copper in the past and have really come to love and appreciate this company!! Just in case you haven’t heard of Tommie Copper before, let me tell you a little about them!

Tommie Copper was founded in 2010 as a natural solution for reaching peak performance, speeding muscle and joint recovery and finding relief from aches and pains. If one can use Tommie Copper and achieve a more active life, Tommie Copper hopes this positive change will spread to others throughout the world. (From their website here)

So why add copper?  Well the benefits may surprise you!!  They include:

    • Increases oxygen transport in compression products
    • Neutralizes "free radicals"
    • Improves muscle tone
    • Emits ions
    • Has been used in medicine for thousands of years
    • Is one of the necessary micro-nutrients found naturally in the body

New Tommie Copper Logo

Well, a few weeks ago I was excited to receive yet another email from Tommie Copper letting me review another one of their great copper infused products!! Have I mentioned I LOVE Tommie Copper?! ;)  After spending hours upon hours of contemplating which product I really NEEDED in my life (all of them really), I decided on the Women’s Compression Tights in Grey! You all know that I’ve been having some knee pain and have been wearing the Tommie Copper Knee Sleeves for relief, but let me just tell you… the Tommie Copper Compression Tights are amazing!! Instead of just covering the knee, they cover the whole leg, buttock region, and hips!!! All of which I believe are factors in my knee issue!

Tommie Copper Women's Compression Tights Review

This week I had 2 days off due to extreme cold thanks to the polar vortex or something like that (it was –18 without wind chill!! Yikes!!) So what did I do?  I lounged around like a slobradoodle (coined by the witty Monica at Run Eat Repeat) in my Tommie Copper Tights!! After I had enough of being lazy I decided to get caught up on some of my yoga challenges and tested out the flexibility of my TC Compression Tights. I’m kinda jealous because they are more flexible than me! ;) THEN after I had enough of trying to be productive on a snow day, I pulled on my pjs over my tights and hit the sack! Tough life I know! ;) 

After giving them a try here are some things I LOVE about my Tommie Copper Compression Tights:

  • They are super soft, light, and silky to the touch!!
  • They regulate body temperature! LOVED that I didn’t get super hot when I had them under my pjs!
  • Keep my legs feeling rejuvenated and fresh without the compression being as constrictive as a boa constrictor
  • I didn’t have to wiggle my way into these and suck my cottage cheese in to feel the compression benefits!
  • I’m 5’9 and am basically nothing but leg (my torso really doesn’t even exist) and these tights fit perfectly!
  • LOVE that these are super versatile! You can wear them to lounge around, to workout, to do yoga, to sleep in, you could even be cute and fashionable (something I’m not) and wear these with a sweater dress and boots!! 

LOVE my Tommie Copper Tommie Copper Thickness
                  Showing me in LOVE with Tommie Copper         Difference in thickness between their tights (left) and Capris (right)

There was only one thing I would like to warn you about with this… ok 2 things:

1. I don’t know what the black tights would be like, but the grey are pretty see through when worn by themselves. I would recommend wearing a cute athletic skirt or shorts over them if you wear them to the gym!

2. you WILL fall in love with all things Tommie Copper after trying ANY of their products!!

I LOVE my Tommie Copper apparel!! All their products are reasonably priced, come in an assortment of colors, and are comfortable enough to wear 24 hours a day! If you are experiencing pain of any sort (arthritis, running related, fibromyalgia, everyday aches and pains and more), please head over to Tommie Copper’s Website HERE and see how wonderfully their products work for yourself!! :) Now is the perfect time to go on a Tommie Copper shopping spree because they have a great deal going on!! You can get 15% off by adding a certain item to your cart and using the corresponding Coupon Code below!!

Tommie Copper Coupon Code

You can also check Tommie Copper out on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

*I was sent a pair of free tights for the review.  All opinions are my own and exactly that… OPINION and were not swayed in any way due to receiving a free product. 

Have you ever heard of or tried Tommie Copper?

If so, what’s your favorite Tommie Copper product?

What Compression Item/company can you not possibly live without?



  1. I've never heard of Tommie Copper before; it doesn't surprise me that copper provides so many benefits to runners, though! I work in the horse industry, and there are many products for equines that are infused with copper and silver to serve the same purpose. Very cool!

    1. That's pretty cool!! I didn't think about it providing benefits to animals!! :) You should go check out Tommie Copper! They have some great products!

  2. I've heard of the benefits of Copper before, I actually used to wear a copper bracelet, but it never occurred to me to combine that with clothes. Interesting concept.

    1. Did the copper bracelet help you? You should check out Tommie Copper! They have some knee and elbow sleeves ! :)

  3. You know I tried their knee sleeve eons ago, but didn't really feel like it did much for me. maybe that was just mental, who knows?!

    1. Maybe Copper doesn't have the same effect on everyone? Did the compression still help?


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