Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tommie Copper Discount and Weekly Roundup: January 13-19

This is the post that I tell you all about a Tommie Copper Discount and my awesome week of workouts… Just thought I’d refresh you all since I haven’t posted one since June! haha!!

Monday: (GYM)
Walk .6mi in 10min; 5 Sun Salutations; Run 1.5mi in 16:50; 15 lunges each leg; 20 squats; 10 Pushups; 5 Sun Salutations; Run 1mi in 11:40; 10 lunges each leg; 20 squats; 10pushups; Walk .55mi in 10min; Stretch 15min; Legs up the Wall 10min 
Tuesday: Work/Rest
Wednesday: (GYM)
Walk .59mi in 10min; Stretch 5min; Bike 2.69mi in 30min (lvl 4); Plank 1min; Walk .59mi in 10min; 5 Sun Salutations; Stretch 15min; Legs up the Wall 10min
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Work/Rest
Sunday: Rest

Total for
 Week = 2.5 miles 
Total for Month = unknown (too lazy to add it up right now) 
Total for Year =  also unknown as I’m too lazy

Total for Week = 4.83 miles
Total for Month = Unknown… I see a pattern here
Total for Year = I promise next week I’ll have totals ;)

Total for Week = 2.69mi/30min
Total for Month = 2.69mi/30min
Total for Year = 2.69mi/30min

*** @=outside run (refers to pace) in=treadmill run (refers to minutes)

January 2.5 miles                                                       2011 329.45 miles
                                                                                    2012 178.67 miles


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Tommie Copper Discount Ends 1/20


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  1. I quit adding up my monthly miles last year sometime, it was too depressing while injured.

    1. I was like that at the end of last year... but I'm trying to have a positive outlook... You'll get better!!! :) Keep your head up!

  2. I'm trying to keep track of all of my miles for 2014. I have never been successful at logging them all but I want to get a really close guess this year :)


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