Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Brooks Pure Project Apparel Unveiling – I Was There!!

Last Thursday I got the opportunity to go to The Brooks Pure Project Apparel Launch Party at a local Running Store.  You already know that I LOVE the Brooks Pure Project Shoes… I have run in the Pure Flow AND currently the Pure Cadence and love both of them!!  Well… spoiler alert, I LOVE the Pure Project Apparel now too! ;)

I walked into the running store and gave them my name (I had RSVP’d on Facebook) and they handed me an awesome Brooks Goody Bag!!  Their tagline is “Wherever the run takes you” so the goody bag was full of things that you would need on the go!

PureProjectGoodyBag It included:

- Water bottle with wood topped lid (LOVE this!)
- Travel bathroom set and the bottles are too cute with fill lines that say “1 run, 5 runs, 10 runs”
- Bar of soap in the Pure Project Logo shape
- It all came in a Brooks Pure Project Drawstring bag

Pure Project Collage

After I signed in and got my awesome goody bag, I was pointed in the direction of some free food!  Who doesn’t love some free food right?  They had a Greek restaurant a couple stores down cater the event!  I’ve never actually tried any Greek food before except for Gyros at the local county fair, so it was fun to try something new!  I tried some eggplant for the first time and while it wasn’t exactly my favorite… it was pretty good!  I also had some Hummus and Pita bread, veggies, and a piece of dessert that looked like a cookie.  It was a circle and crunchy with a cherry in the middle… it tasted sweet and spicy which was different for a dessert.  AND no, I didn’t get any pictures of the food… Does that mean I’m not a legit blogger?!

A Fashion Show came next and this was the part I was excited for!! I couldn’t wait to see what the new Pure Project Apparel Line looked like!!  Let me just tell you now… it’s amazing!!  One of my favorite pieces was THIS JACKET!!!  They told everyone to get out their smart phones and take a flash picture… it seriously lights up the entire room with it’s awesome reflective thread woven throughout the entire jacket!!

 Brooks Running Pure Project Men's Jacket
Brooks Running Pure Project Women's Jacket
Brooks Pure Project Running Apparel

I also loved their Pure Project Seamless Capri in grey!  They felt sturdy and were thicker (which I LOVE! I don’t like capris that are so thin you can see through them!) and they were super soft!!  Go check out the super cute line for women here!!

MEN!! They have some awesome stuff for you too! Check it out!!

At the end of the night they gave 3 people a free item of their choice… sadly I did not win, but I still came home with some pretty awesome Brooks Products!! :)

*** This is NOT a sponsored post. I wrote about it simply because I love the company and had a fantastic time at the event!  I was NOT paid in any way for this post

Do you love Brooks as much as I do?  (You have to say yes!) ;)
- I LOVE Brooks so much they should sponsor me! Totally kidding of course… or am I? ;)

What do you think about their new line of Pure Project Apparel?
- I LOVE it all!!  I wish I had enough money to buy one of everything!!

What piece of the Pure Project Apparel is your favorite?
- ALL of it!!  Especially the Jacket and Seamless Capri!


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  1. I think the new pure project shorts are beyond cute and I recently switched over to the pure cadences and am OBSESSED.

    1. Aren't the cadences awesome shoes? LOVE mine!! I really like the shorts too!! LOVE the front slit! I think it makes them more feminine than a lot of running shorts!!

  2. That sounds like a great goodie bag! I love running in my Brooks too :)

    1. I was pretty excited about the goody bag! I LOVE the water bottle!! :)
      Which Brooks do you run in?

  3. I am a Brooks fan too! I switched back to Ghost after wearing the Flow's for a couple of years. So Jealous of your preview party :)

    1. It was pretty fun... not gonna lie! ;) Is there a reason you switched back to the Ghost from the Flows?

  4. Woah what a cool opportunity! I wish the running stores around here did cool stuff like that. Also I'm loving the new women's line, Brooks for life!!

    1. I was so excited to be able to go!! Before we moved, I wasn't close to anything and didn't get the chance to do anything fun related to running!! :) It was pretty fun!!

  5. That jacket is pretty sweet, I am going to head over and check out the whole line now. I love the Pure Flows :)

    1. LOVE my flows... unfortunately they've become to worn out to run with them anymore! Time for a new pair? I think so! ;) Did you get a chance to look at the clothing line? What was your favorite?

  6. This is awesome! They need to do this at one of my local stores!

    1. Maybe one of your local running stores will have the Brooks Transcend Launch Party? If you head to Brooks' website you can find a list of stores that are having one! :)


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