Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Quit! (A Tough Decision)

This is kind of a tough post for me to write…

Thursday pushed me over the edge… I couldn’t take it anymore…

I turned in my 2 week notice to my boss last Friday…

There were many factors that played into my decision to turn it in…

of which included not being respected as an employee or a person.  I don’t care to go into all the details, especially on the wide world of the internet because I don’t feel like it is respectful to the company to do that and I am a person that likes to keep the peace and “do unto others as I would have done unto me” instead of a “dishing out what i was served” kind of girl.

15 minutes to go until my shift was over Friday, I was called back to the managers office and told that it would just be my last day because she didn’t want to have to redo the schedule in 2 weeks… Seriously?!

That made it even more tough and made me kind of mad/sad because although I have had a few problems with one of the managers there (the one that told me it was my last day), I got along with everyone else and I thought I would have 2 weeks to say my goodbyes and such.  Not the case.

Well 15 minutes went by and I said goodbye to the 2 managers that had been there since I had started working there 7 years and 3 months ago…. Such a long time to work there, since it had been my first job ever… It was the job I got to pay for my gas and insurance when I got my drivers license! lol

So, although this was a tough decision, and not my ideal way of things ending, or my ideal way of being treated by a company… I do have some fond memories of that place and will miss it!  I was pretty much sad all weekend until “Super Hubs” told me that he thought it was the right decision and that I didn’t deserve being treated like that and that he was glad that I was done working there. It helped knowing that he fully supported my decision.  He did tell me that he would still allow me to buy a new pair of running shoes before my full in October even though I was now a jobless bum lol… thanks hubby lol l  ;)

I do believe that it was the best decision I could have made, I feel less stressed now and feel like it is time to move on with my life… bigger and better things are ahead waiting for me!  I only have 7 more quarters to go until I graduate with my second degree, this one being in the field that I want to actually work in (about 2 years to go!)  I’m excited about what God has in store for my future and confident, that with the man He provided me as a husband and best friend, we can get through anything… funny how God opens and shuts doors in your life at exactly the perfect timing!


  1. One time I gave my 2 weeks notice and was out the door in 3 hours. I went to work for the competition, but still, it's a weird feeling.

    With your husband's support, of course this will work out great!

  2. No job is worth it if you aren't being respected. You definitely made the right decision if they weren't appreciating you. Stay strong!

  3. What a brave move! Congrats on taking that step--you can hear the relief in your writing. Here's to getting where you need to be!

  4. Everything happens as it should. Your time was done there - better things are ahead for sure!

  5. You should read a very timely post written just yesterday on almost the very same subject over on

    You did the right thing, and you will soon see that when one door closes, another is sure to open and hopefully it will bring wonderful opportunities!

  6. You know you did the right thing if you are feeling less stressed now!

  7. That certainly took bravery and trust - I'm glad you were able to do what was right for you - your mental health, and your life!!! Way to be the bigger person in the situation. I actually thought you had 2 jobs . .. maybe one was seasonal or part time awhile ago. Will be praying for you (as always)!

  8. You did the right thing by putting in your two weeks. I think it's really unfortunate when people get treated so poorly in the workplace. Better things on the horizon for you!

  9. you definitely made the right decision! If someone isn't treating you right, don't put up with it. I did the EXACT same thing at my last job. I just couldn't take it anymore. Disrespect is rude and stupid and you are in the right for getting yourself out of that situation. It definitely took a lot of bravery!

  10. Its always tough to leave a job, everything happens for a reason. Now you get to run alot more and more time to perfect THEE BDAY CAKE!!!!

  11. I think you did the right thing. I left my part-time job a year ago (I'm a stay at home mum/beginner runner). I wasn't being treated well either and tried hard to make the job work out. In the end I left without fuss too - there's no point in trying to talk to a manager who won't listen. I'm much less stressed out now and feel more myself. I've heard from my co-workers that my replacement isn't happy in the job either. Sometimes you are better off calling it quits - life really is too short. Don't worry - you'll find a much better job in the future!


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