Thursday, January 12, 2012

3 Things Thursday without the bulleting ;)


haha, yes, I realize it’s already January 12th… but I haven’t posted since New Year’s Eve lol…

This is the last day of my 2nd week of classes this quarter and OH. MY. GOODNESS…
It’s been crazy so far!!  I’m here at school (yes, I’m blogging at school for the very first time ever) on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am – 10:30pm …
Not to mention that it takes an hour to get here and an hour to get back home… so I leave my house at:


and get back home at:


By the time I get home I am so ready for bed! lol… but I really am enjoying all of my classes… this quarter!  I actually start to learn how to interpret… I’ve already gotten to interpret a few sentences… start out slow right?! ;)

I have found the locker room and weight room here at school and got to run a nice 3 miles on the treadmill on Tuesday which was really nice… and they have free exercise classes here too… My schedule will allow me to take either yoga or zumba between classes so that’ll be fun… I’ve never actually gone to a fitness class like that to workout with other people before…

Well, I just wanted to give everyone a quick update and let you know that the aliens did not come for me on the new year… i’m still here ;) ALSO…  I will be hosting a Valentine’s Card Swap… similar to the Christmas Card Swap… different name… different holiday ;)  So, just a heads up to let you know that signups are coming sometime this weekend! :)  Hope everyone is having a lovely evening!!  (I still have 5 1/2 hours til I will be getting home)    ;)


  1. WHAT?!? You've never done a group exercise class? Girl - get your booty to one right away! I know you'll love it!!! Ohhh I seriously can't wait to hear all about your experience - pictures please. :) Have fun!

  2. Good grief! That's a LONG DAY! At least you've found something fun to do during the downtime! :)

  3. Wow - that is a long day - especially when you are away from home for all of it!

  4. Wow !! i prefer to say, Yes Its nothing but three things like Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Simple !!

  5. you need to do a group workout it's amazing for motivation and if you're competitive it sometimes helps you achieve things you before couldn't do!

  6. Those are long days at school! Hang in there!! How cool to workout in between, hopefully that helps to stay focused during the class. I would fall asleep!

  7. Wow those are some LONG Tuesday/Thursdays!! At least you have a little break between some classes. I'm with you...I have only done 1 group exercise class before. It was fun, but my schedule usually doesn't fit much with group classes

  8. I haven't done a group class in years but I used to love them.

    I loved the Christmas card exchange a Valentines one sounds like fun!

  9. Sorry things have been so hectic for you! Thanks for organizing the Valentine's Card Swap. I'm excited about it!


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