Sunday, November 17, 2013

Why I’ve Been Missing and Card Swap Reminder


So I’ve been missing AGAIN from blogworld… but I’m not going to apologize…

I just wanted to check in real quick to let you all know that I’m doing ok…I’ve just been super busy!!

60+ hour work weeks, still working out 2-4 times a week, getting sick (thank you preschoolers), spending a couple hours a week with hubby, oh… and I happened to join 4… FOUR… yoga challenges on Instagram! lol… What was I thinking?!

I’ll share a couple pictures of some of the poses I did for the challenges so far (if you want to see all of them then you can go follow me on instagram here):


I really have grown fond of yoga! :)  I believe it’s a really important role in my overall fitness!!  I want to try to find some classes but I think the closest might be 45 minutes away…

How far have you driven to join a fitness class??

Well… there’s a quick excuse of why I’ve been missing… Keep an eye out for some reviews coming up (that are way past due) ..whoops! Also, a knee update and perhaps a blog giveaway hop!

ALSO… Go sign up for the 2013 Christmas Card Swap!!! Sign ups close December 5th, so signup before you forget about it!! :)


Have you ever taken fitness classes?
Do you practice yoga?
How far have you driven to take a fitness class?
When you’re busy do you try to make blogging a priority?



  1. Those last few poses are pretty impressive!!

  2. I love that you're doing yoga but I'm sure you can find a class closer than that! I do the videos sometimes but there are tons of classes out there... gyms, community centers, etc. You would really be surprised where you can find them. Here in Charleston my church even has a class (just $10 drop in) and the Jewish Community Center here has one... along with some neighborhoods/country clubs. I don't think 45 minutes is too far to drive, maybe every day but not occasionally, that would be okay.

  3. Holy Moly those yoga poses are bad@ss!

  4. Love your yoga pics!!! I wish I can be flexible as you! :)


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