Thursday, February 2, 2012

VLOG: 2012 Valentine’s Day Card Swap Groups

Well, I’m at school waiting on my last class to start (7-9:30pm) and decided to do a vlog of my random draw for the 2012 Valentine’s Day Card Swap to keep from being bored….

You are not allowed to make fun of my goofiness or sweaty demeanor as I just got done running… also… I pretty much look like a zombie since I’ve been here for 12 hours already lol… I’m SO ready to go home!! ;)




Here are the groups in case you don’t feel like watching… I’ll email you your group’s addresses after I get home from school tonight… around 11ish lol… Thanks for joining in on the fun!! :)

2012 Valentine's Card Swap Logo


Group #1:

Kristin from Sassphalt Runner
Christina from Lazy Bones Running
Paulette from Just Keep Running
Courtney from Third Time’s a Charm Runner

Group #2:

Erica from I Run Because… I Can
Julie from ROJ Running
Whitney from Running with Whit
Zaneta (me) from Runner’s Luck

Group #3:

Ruby from My World in Pictures
Jennifer from Mom’s Running It
Amanda from Fat Wuz Here
Suzanne from Cows and Lazers and Everything in Between

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  1. Thanks Zaneta! I liked the vlog post idea for picking the names for the groups.


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