Friday, October 29, 2010

5 Miles of Fun!

Well, it seems like forever since I’ve blogged… and especially about running like actually feet hitting the pavement running.  So I’ll do that tonight and then I’m heading to bed early because I’m exhausted and I have the Grace Race 5k in the morning! :)

I actually got off work a little early yesterday (Thursday) and had enough time to run 5 miles before I had to be at job #2.  It was chilly… about 53 degrees and pretty windy.  I threw on the outfit I thought I’d want to wear for the race and grabbed my handheld and ipod and gulped down a Mint Chocolate GU, then headed out the door.

Despite being chilly, I had such a fun time and the outfit is my new favorite!  The views from my route were beautiful!  The hills were fun!  I felt really good and I was lovin’ it!  Around mile one I saw a house all decked out for trick-or-treat later that night.


I saw chickens crossing the road to get to the other side… apparently the answer to why they do this is to eat… cuz that’s what they were doing lol…

I saw cows and a big lazy dog and a HUGE mean scary looking dog behind a fence that said “beware of dog”… I was sure it could hop the fence if it tried just a little harder.  Then around mile 4 I saw a CD hanging on a tree and that made me laugh lol…


All-in-all, nothing significant happened on this run… I just really enjoyed it and felt good and I’m pretty sure I was smiling the entire time I was running… I even sang along to a couple songs.  I think it was my turn around point… from running because I thought I had to after my half marathon and REALLY wanting to get out there and pound the pavement!  It was wonderful! 

To top it all off I thought I would definitely be sore today because the last 800 or so meters, I really picked up the pace (or so I thought lol) and I only stretched a little before heading back to work.  I did wear my recovery socks, but today I am not sore whatsoever! :D  Does this mean I’m more in shape than I thought I was?  Or possibly I didn’t run as hard as I could’ve?  Whatever… I dont care because it was FUN!!!

**Run Stats (Just for FUN)**


Date:  October 28, 2010
Time:  4:01pm
Temperature:  53 Degrees

Distance:  5.02 miles
Time:  48:39
Average Pace:  9:41/mile
Fastest Pace:  6:03/mile  (pushing it home)
Slowest Pace:  26:18/mile (waiting to cross an intersection)


Elevation Min:  879
Elevation Max:  1025
Ascent/Descent:  177/-177


List of things I want to start doing:

- Yoga
- More weight training
- Going to bed earlier
- Looking at races for 2011
- Specific Hill Workouts
- Eating more veggies and fruits again
- Do a little research on running form, terminology, and technology
- Start changing around the blog background, header, and tagline
- Finishing up my Christmas shopping
- Read more of ‘Born To Run’


Alrighty… off to bed I go with dreams of less hours of work next week! lol… My 5k is at 10am, thank goodness because it’s supposed to be another chilly one! Race Report to come!  Although I’m not holding my breath that I’ll hit my goal of sub 25 because I just haven’t been running enough to do that.  But I always look forward to races!  I hope you all have had a lovely week!


  1. Yay for a FUN run! Those runs are rare when I'm following a training plan, but they are so nice! It's runs like those that make me remember why I love to run so much!

  2. Based on this run, I think you'll do well in your race! Best of luck to ya! :D

    Do you carry around a camera when you run? I've been thinking it would be run to take pictures on runs...

  3. yoga is such a great,thing to helps a lot..

  4. How cute!
    I need to be doing more yoga and eat better.
    Hope you had a good race this morning.

  5. That sounds like a nice run. I have been loving the Halloween decorations in my neighborhood. I can't wait to run during the holidays - the scenery will be even more enhanced.

    I need to join you on eating more fruits and veggies, I was doing really well and then I just stopped.

  6. I'm sure I could definitely benefit from yoga, but I find it soooooooo boooooorrrring!!!!

    Girl, lay off those GUs for the short runs! Those things are too expensive to waste! :D

  7. Great pictures! Wow, I am impressed with all of your cross are making me feel like the biggest slacker!

    I hope the race went well for you! Looking forward to your race report:)

  8. Fall is looking very pretty on your running route!


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