Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday in the park…

Last Saturday, my family went on our “Annual Family Picnic”  and it was beautiful outside!  My youngest sister was home from college on fall break and we were joined by mine and my twin’s boyfriends.  We had a blast!  Here’s a picture I took of our beautiful surroundings… aren’t you proud Neil?! ;)  ok so its not as cool as his awesome photos but I thought it was beautiful!


We ate and then went on a hike and played on the playground… I guess the best way to explain to you the fun we had is in pictures… so enjoy! :D

DSC00495My parents and I


Why yes, I am wearing my BIC band I won from Running Diva Mom.  If you dont know about BIC bands please click the words to read about them!  They are seriously awesome!  I wore it all day and it didn’t budge!  It was so comfortable I forgot I was wearing it and usually I have to keep rearranging headbands on my head because they keep falling off!




DSC00530 The Self-Timer is our friend lol

yes, my family is goofy lol… it makes for fun times!  AND YES, we are all adults… but we act like kids when it comes to play time!! ;)



It was a fun weekend!  I always enjoy spending quality time outside with family!  Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!  Can’t wait to read all your race reports!! Also, don’t forget to enter my Fuel Belt/GU giveaway HERE!


  1. Wicked Pics. Looks like an awesome and relaxing time.

  2. beautiful pics! quality time with the fam =)

  3. Fun times! I wish my son would come home from college during a break, but as it turns out I won't see him until Christmas time. :-(

  4. Hey just because we're adults does not mean we have to act like it!

  5. Looks like a great time had by all Beautiful fall scene - and since some are in short sleeves and shorts, weather must have been amazing too!

  6. Fun times!! I'm all for NOT acting your age. :)

  7. It looks like you all had so much fun! I loved the pictures too! :)

  8. love the pic of you all on the fence.

  9. Those pictures are so cute!! Your family now reminds me of the super cool, fun family in "Dan in Real Life"!

  10. Great pics! Looks like a nice little getaway. :)

  11. What a fabulous weekend. The pictures are just as good as Neil's!

    Thanks for the well-wishes on my training and race.

  12. looks like a great day!
    fun pix! :)

  13. Fun pics! And LOVE the BIC Band shots =) Glad you're enjoying it!!


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