Monday, December 10, 2012

2012 Christmas Card Swap Groups

YAY!!! I bet you all are excited to get your groups for the card swap?!  You will be getting an email with your group’s information (address and introductions) at some point tonight or tomorrow because I had a final today and it’s getting late! :) … but here are your groups!!  I used to put you in groups and made sure that if you said “less than 5”, “max 5”, “more than 5/up to 10”, or “no mailing abroad” that I put you in the correct group.  If for some reason you signed up but can’t find your name in a group, LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!  Also, once you get an email with your group, if there are any problems please let me know as soon as you can and I will switch the groups around!! Thanks for joining in on the fun everyone!!!  Cards must be sent out NO later than December 17th! Please comment on this post or send me an email letting me know that you sent your cards! :D

2012 Christmas Card Swap Logo

Group Reindeer

Julie from ROJ Running
Jen from Running With the Girls
Jessica from Creations By Jessica Lynn
Melanie from Dailymile Here
Wendy from One Tough Mother Runner
Scott from BDD

Group Snowflake

Hannah from HannahViolin
from Smiles Through Miles
Suzanne from Cows and Lazers and Everything in Between
Erica from Life as a Running Mom
Danielle from Breathe
Michelle from Michelle le belle... Tres bien ensemble

Group Mistletoe

Courtney from Third Time’s a Charm Runner
Lisa from Cow Spots and Tales
Zaneta from Runner’s Luck
from Rainstorm: A World of Adventures
Whitney from Running with Whit
Paula from Perspicacity

Group Cookie

Andrea from Age Groups Rock
from Barking Mad About Running
Katie from From Ice Cream to Marathon
Bobbie from Journey In Running
Darlene from My First 5k and More

Group Joy

Ruby from I'm a Runners Mom
Kadie from Life on the Pavement
 from Relentless Forward Motion
Monique from Confessions of a Lazy Athlete
Gabby from Twitter Here


  1. Thanks again for organizing all of this!

  2. Mine are all ready to go for tomorrow's mail! Thanks for organizing this!

  3. Getting mine ready tonight! Can't wait to receive mine, too. It seems that each year less people send cards- but for me they make it feel like the holiday season!

    1. That's how I feel too! I LOVE Christmas and handwritten cards just add to the fun of it all! That's why I started this card swap 3 years ago! Thanks for participating! :)

  4. I didn't get the email. Can you re-send -

    1. Hey Darlene! I resent it! :) Thanks for letting me know!

  5. I emailed you last week but I didn't hear back. Mine went out in the mail early last week.

    1. Thanks for letting me know!! For some reason I didn't see your email! :)

  6. Sorry mine took a while. They're in the post now though :)


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