Saturday, December 8, 2012

2012 Christmas Card Swap is CLOSED

2012 Christmas Card Swap Closed

Signups for the 2012 Christmas Card Swap are now closed… 
Thanks to all of you who signed up!! :)

Here is a list of everyone I have signed up, if you aren’t on here, but you signed up OR there is an issue with the linkup, PLEASE let me know ASAP!!  I will have groups emailed to you all BY Dec. 9th! If you missed out on this swap, I’ll be hosting the 2nd Annual Valentine Card Swap as well, so keep your eye out! ;)  AND… there’s always next year! ;)

In fact you can send me an email with the subject of “2013 Notification List
with your Name and Email Address and I will email you when the 2013 Christmas Card Swap is up and running next year!

Zaneta from Runner’s Luck
Erica from Life as a Running Mom
Melanie from Dailymile Here
Julie from ROJ Running
Whitney from Running with Whit
Hannah from HannahViolin
Monique from Confessions of a Lazy Athlete
Lisa from Rainstorm: A World of Adventures
Darlene from My First 5k and More
Kim from Barking Mad About Running
Wendy from One Tough Mother Runner
Danielle from Breathe
Katie from From Ice Cream to Marathon
Suzanne from Cows and Lazers and Everything in Between
Courtney from Third Time’s a Charm Runner
Jen from Running With the Girls
Bobbie from Journey In Running
Kadie from Life on the Pavement
Jessica from Creations By Jessica Lynn  
Paula from Perspicacity
Michelle from Michelle le belle... Tres bien ensemble
Andrea from Age Groups Rock
Gene from Relentless Forward Motion
Stephanie from Smiles Through Miles
Ruby from I'm a Runners Mom
Lisa from Cow Spots and Tales
Gabby from Twitter Here
Scott from BDD


  1. Replies
    1. I just posted the groups on my blog! I'm working on the emails now! You might not get it until tomorrow though! :)

  2. Looking forward to participating! I am also still waiting on an email with my group.

    1. Thanks for being patient with me! :) I just posted the groups on my blog! Look for an email tonight/tomorrow! :)


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