Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: The Cranky Train

BTW, thanks for making me feel better about almost chopping off my fingers in my last post! ;)


Were you riding the cranky train today?

How’d you turn your frown upside down today?

Are you a morning or evening workout person?


  1. Hahah this made my day, love the face and love the acknowledgment of how you felt afterwards..I seriously haveta give you major props b/c I am NOT a morning workout person by any means lol

  2. I had such a cranky day today too! I'm usually a morning workout spinner as well, but I slept through my alarm and paid for it all day. I finally got my act today thanks to the kind words of a stranger- at 5:00! Hope your day ended on a less cranky note!

  3. I'm a morning person through and through. In general I'm never cranky. :)

  4. I am always cranky when I wake up but some coffee and run cures that right away haha

  5. Definitely a morning exerciser. And it really does help get rid of all that negative energy.


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