Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tis The Season For Giveaways and Reviews

So, after all the excitement of getting engaged (you can read the story HERE) we can get back to the regular programming ;)  YES I GOT ENGAGED!!!! lol ok, sorry… still a tad bit excited over here lol…

For the month of December, I wanted to do something special for all my readers (all 126 of you!!!)!  I still can’t believe that 126 of you find my life, and running, adventures that exciting to read about lol ;)  Anyways… With the help of a few different companies, my blog is going into full blown “Tis the Season for Giveaways and Reviews”!!  How exciting right?!


I figured that December was a great time as some people wait ‘til last minute to buy Christmas gifts and sometimes just don’t know what to get people, so I’ll be reviewing some stuff that I love and having a few giveaways thrown into the mix because I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME and giving things to people! :)

Also, I am working on putting the groups together for the 2010 Christmas Card Swap and should have those posted either tonight or tomorrow!  I’ll also send out an email with your groups addresses, so be on the lookout!! :D

What’s your favorite thing about this time of year?!


If you are a company and would like me to include your product in a
review or giveaway, you can contact me at


  1. I love the lights and the christmas music :)

  2. The sweets! Homemade goodies and candy. Yummy.

  3. ENGAGED?!?
    WHere the crap have I been?!?!

    YAY you!!


  4. congratulations on your engagement!


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