Friday, January 28, 2011

Wedding Update: The Details

Spend, Spend, Spend… I have never spent so much money in my life (excluding school tuition) than I have on this wedding! lol… Now, that being said, let me introduce to you the side of me that I haven’t really discussed often on my blog:  Hello, my name is Zaneta and I am a tightwad! 

There, I said it… I HATE spending money!  It’s not like I had a lot to begin with since I paid straight up cash for school … which I am proud of for not being in debt out of college, but it left me with a sad sad sad bank account lol.

I’ve been reading wedding planning websites and magazines because, let’s face it, I’ve never planned a wedding before lol… surprise! ;)  Most of them have said that the AVERAGE american wedding costs about $15,000 - $20,000… wowsa!  That’s a car!! OR a down payment for a house!!

To me, that is a lot of money for a wedding! I mean, I know it’s a special day, dont get me wrong!  I want my wedding to be gorgeous and a once in a lifetime event… but when it’s all said and done… it’s only 1 day!  I’d rather save as much money as possible… still have a gorgeous wedding… but still have money in my bank account so that in the near future me and my future hubby can have a down payment for a house.  I’ll share in a different post about some things that I’ve done to save some money … right now I just want to give you guys the overview of my wedding details!

I, Zaneta, am marrying my best friend, Joshuah,
whom I have known for almost 5 years and
have dated for almost 4 (come march 24th)


June 25, 2011
at the church that I have grown up in
with a reception to follow

My colors are Blue and Green (duh)
My 2 sisters are both my Maids of Honor
His brother and my brother are both his Best Men

We have a cake lady, photographer, and a professional pianist booked
I’m still shopping around for a florist, but I know the flowers I want

Those are the basics… If I left anything out, or you’re curious about any of my planning, just leave me a comment, or email me! I love talking about it!!  :)  I’m so excited to be marrying my best friend, and the love of my life!!  I now have less than 5 months to go!! YAY!!

148 days left


  1. Ummmmm....the dress???? What about the dress?!?!?! :D

    We need pics of these things!

  2. Haha yes, please tell me you didn't forget about the dress ;) sounds like you have a fantastic day planned!

  3. That is so exciting. I just married my best friend on October 9th. I ended up paying about $750 for the whole thing. Friends of ours have an amazingly beautiful home, and they hosted for us. And, since we were both having a hard time plunking down money for fancy one day only clothes, we instead splurged on a really great new outfit for each of us. Jason wore a black tee under an unbuttoned black dress shirt, new jeans and uber shined boots. I wore a Daisy Fuentes top, Old Navy jeans and a pair of Jessica Simpson heels that were already in my closet. I wrote the entire ceremony for us, and we did the vows together. A friend of ours is a magistrate, and she officiated for us to make it all legal. A few people were shocked that I didn't do the dress and decorate the whole church up, but for us this was our idea of "perfect". Keep that in mind that it has to please you and your guy first and foremost. I have waaaayy too many friends who hated thier entire weddings because they did this, that or the other to please moms or family. Make it yours, do it your way, and smile every single time you remember it. Best wishes, and I can't wait to read more!

  4. Yes, post pics!

    I hear you - Mike and I aren't engaged (yet!!) and we've already discussed how much money weddings cost. It's so crazy!

  5. My advice - It's your day, don't do things because you think you are supposed to, do them because you want. And invest in the marriage, not the wedding.

    Have fun!

  6. Focus on spending on what's important to you but don't get caught in the hype. We spent 5K on the wedding and 2K on the honeymoon.

    You will get some cash gifts to help offset the costs ... but don't plan on it paying for the whole thing. Hope that helps!

  7. We got married by our city mayor at city hall and just had a family dinner at a nice buffet style restaurant. The rest of the money that we would have spent for a "big" wedding went as a huge payment on my (now "our") house. I'm a huge tightwad too - be proud - tightwads unite!

    Pix please! Have fun - hopefully you'll only have to plan one of these suckers!

  8. Girl, yes, I'm with you on this.

    So excited for you!

  9. fabulous! crossing off the big stuff, nice job! great colors too! have you looked at dresses yet? weddings are so expensive, as soon as people hear the "w" word the price goes up! hope you are having a blast planning!

  10. I got married once (I don't speak of it now, it was a mistake!!) ... and my colors were blue and green, too! I also didn't understand why they are so darn expensive. I think my mom and I did a pretty good job of keeping it pretty reasonable, financially. Of course I don't know the exact numbers - but considering we are both pretty frugal I can't imagine it was anything crazy. We made our own veggie and fruit trays, I burned some mixed CDs - so I was essentially the DJ, family members were the photographers. It was pretty fun and relaxed, actually!

    Keep having fun with all of the planning. Can't wait to see how beautiful you look on your big day!!

  11. thats coming up so soon.
    hope all the little details are going well!
    cant wait to see some pix

  12. yay for weddings! i'm working with one of my running bff's to perfect her special day. i'm so excited!!!

    144 days now :)


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