Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Could My Life Get Any Better?!

Seriously… I’m in good health, I have a job (actually 2 lol), I’m running a half marathon in May, I’m getting married June 25th, I’m running my first Full Marathon in October…


I registered for classes!!!  I’m going back to school in March!!! :D

I’m so excited!!  I know you all remember this post… if not, let me refresh your memory:


I graduated with a  Bachelors degree in Organizational Communications… That’s not necessarily the degree I want to work with, it was just a stepping stone to finally get the job I really want… to be a Sign Language Interpreter!

So, Sunday night, my fiance stayed up til 12:30am chatting with me and encouraging me online over AIM, while I tried to get into the classes I wanted.. I was getting discouraged because it’s a mass registration, so the server kept kicking me out and then I wouldn’t be able to get back in.  Finally after 20 minutes of trying, I got back in and got into the classes I wanted!!

I’m refreshing my memory by taking a few classes in the spring and summer quarters (made sure it wouldn’t interfere with my wedding of course) and I need to make sure that some of my sign classes will transfer and then I hope to start the program up full time in the fall!

I’m really excited!  Not only am I FINALLY able to take classes of what I want to do, but I get to go to a different school, meet new people, and commute about 50 minutes each way to get there and back… ok, i’m not really excited about the last part, but I am just so thrilled to be able to go back to school after graduating last summer!  I think the reason why I am so excited is because my future seems to all be coming together… I’m on the road to getting the job I want and I think getting married just makes everything exciting! ;)

I hope everyone stays safe today who got pounded with snow, sleet, and ice!! All we get is 40mph winds lol… I’m off to work a double.. Happy groundhog day!


143 Days Left!


  1. What school are you going to for ASL? My girl is an ASL Interperter for a school. I can get her to email you and can have someone to talk ASL with with your questions and so forth, You have my email address, let me know

  2. happy groundhog day to u. i believe we will NOT have 6 more weeks of winter. yay!

    good job on registering for classes. thats awesome.

    LG - life is good!

  3. You are making the right choice!!!! Being an ASL interpreter freakin' rocks! I LOVE IT. BEST JOB EVER!!!! You make your own hours, you can find work wherever and whenever you want, there is SO much work out there! Interpreters are among some of the coolest people i have ever met! I am so happy you are making this decision! We should VP sometime, for real this time! :-) email me anytime you want!

  4. I used to teach at the IN School for the Deaf. While there I took interpreting classes at Vincennes University. Good luck with your refresher courses. It's a challenging field, but can be very rewarding.

  5. This is so fabulous! I love how everything is coming together so nicely for you! :)

  6. How exciting! :) don't you love it when life is awesome?

  7. I can hear the smile in your voice through this post! :)

  8. YEA! Sounds like things are lining up amazingly:)

  9. So glad things are going so well for you. I hope the rest of your wedding planning goes smoothly.

  10. This is great! I love love love being a student and learning about things I'm passionate about. So exciting!

  11. That is so exciting!!! You really are in a good place right now. Enjoy it!


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