Thursday, February 17, 2011

Looking for P90X

Ok… I’ve heard a lot of great things about P90X and would love to give it a try!  The problem is I can’t justify spending that much money on it at this point in time… wedding and going back to school have left me b.r.o.k.e.  So my question is… Does anyone have P90X that they no longer want and would like to sell?  I don’t know if this is inappropriate or not, but if it is please let me know kindly ;)  If you wanna chat, give me a shout at:

Thanks!! :)


  1. Don't have P90X, but I have heard it's really HARD. Does your public library have it that you can check out? Maybe, if you don't get any response through your blog, maybe look on Amazon for used sets or maybe even look at a used dvd store in your town or area. Just some thoughts. Good luck!

  2. I do P90X, I like it, its tough, but not extremely hard. I suggest looking at Ebay, there is where I got mine for cheaper

  3. I have tried both Insanity and P90X. P90X I liked to use to change up my lifting work out routine. Insanity is exactly what it says it is…INSANE. I love intensity and I love to sweat, but Insanity, not a fan of it. I could hardly move the next day after doing one of the routines and I am not out of shape. My boyfriend can keep up with it, but personally, I’d rather be running on the treadmill or spinning for my cardio work outs.
    I got my P90X Workouts with discount here


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