Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Triple Tangent Thursday

… or something like that…  Whoever came up with this please make yourself be known!  (rumor is it was hungry runner girl?) It’s great cuz now we can have three thing Thursday on Tuesday AND we wont be mocked because now it’s the cool thing to do ;)

1.  Now that I’m engaged I feel like I have to keep my nails painted… something about the ring… makes me want to dress up my finger nails.  It’s kind of like wearing makeup… if I put makeup on then I just HAVE to dress up because I usually don't wear makeup and its a special occasion when I do.  I don’t expect this to make sense to everyone… it is a tangent  afterall ;)

DSC01150 Shameless shot of the nails AND engagement ring… can’t stop looking at it to make sure I’m still not dreaming ;)

2.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE ice cream… I eat it about 6/7 days a week… that’s why I started working at a DQ when I was in high school… this is also why I can’t seem to part with said job… although I know that it would probably be best…  not just for grown up reasons but for my hips as well ;)  (just kidding… I can’t seem to gain weight)

2a.  I enjoy food… that being said, I have never tried to lose weight for the sake of losing weight.. So every time I go to the doctor it annoys me that they say I shouldn’t lose anymore weight… well doc, I can’t lose MORE weight if I haven’t lost any to begin with… actually I've gained about 15 pounds in the past 2 years… so take that!

3.  Last but not least, I LOVE when my blogging friends post vlogs!!  I think its fun to hear what their voice sounds like… it’s like we get to meet… kinda lol… is this making sense or am I just sounding like a creeper?  oh well… i think its fun!  I kinda want to do a couple vlogs… so if you have a topic or questions or anything that you would like me to talk about or answer I would love for you to leave a comment or shoot me an email… that way I wont feel like i’m just blubbering away aimlessly ;)

I hope everyone had a fabulous Tuesday!! I’m off to catch up
on the Bachelor via hulu before bed  ;)

137 days left!


  1. Your nails are pretty, and that ring is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

    Vlog - I would like to know how you got so speedy, missy! Could you tell us about your first ever run, or hitting running milestones - your first 5k, your first 10k, etc :)

  2. Pretty ring and pretty nails!!! We would get along great...ice cream is my FAVORITE. Ice cream always makes everything better! :)

  3. I love your ring, its gorgeous!! :)

  4. That's what I call an engagement ring! :) Love your nails!

  5. I love ice cream myself. I learned through a bad experience or two not to have too much the day before a long run. I love ice cream after a long run or any run I suppose. Smiled at your comment about the doctor and your weight.

  6. What a beautiful ring!!! and nails too of course! I just found your blog and I'm a new follower.. Hi I'm Angie! :) I also love ice cream.. YUM!

  7. Love the ring/nails! I am not an ice cream fan...the hubs however is another story.

  8. I agree, it is so fun to see vlogs! Especially drunk vlogs!

    And even if your nails weren't all dressed up, you have really pretty fingers! Mine hands look like they should belong to an old lady, but yours are very nice. YAY! :)

  9. Your nails are so pretty... and the ring is gorgeous!


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