Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lazy Day

Well… Today was a lazy day as you can see… both the dog and I lounged around and napped all day long. 


For some reason, I like to wear hoods if I’m in a sweatshirt, makes me more gangsta awesome than I already am I’m sure… I’m still feeling quite crappy, but I’m so excited because tomorrow my mom and I are going to the big city (anything is “the big city” if it’s 30 or more minutes away from where we live lol) to shop for veils and a dress for her to wear to my wedding… it should be loads of fun and I’m just positive that my germs will take a day off since it’s president’s day tomorrow!  To those of you that get the day off.. enjoy it! :)

125 Days Left!


  1. Love the photo.

    too. freaking. awesome.


    Sending you an email . . . .


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