Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wedding Update: Preview and Advice Needed!

Yesterday I got to go try on the sample of the dress I ordered with all the accessories I have so far… Tiara, earrings, necklace, bracelet, and shoes… can I just say I LOVE my dress even more now than I did when I bought it! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! :)  ok… so it’s killing me not being able to share my dress with you all, but I can show you a picture of my face since future hubby knows what jewelry I’ll be wearing since he bought them all for me at some point in our relationship :)  I did not buy that veil… once again it was put on for “affect”  I have yet to find my perfect veil… My mom and I have a shopping trip planned for next Monday!

   DSC01154 DSC01166 

Now… I need EVERYONE’s advice!!!  After we get married, Josh and I will be living here, at my parents house for the next couple years until we both graduate from college… They’re letting us live here for basically free… this may sound weird to some people but it really means a lot to me… it’s their gift to us so that we can save up our money and go to school without wasting our money on an apartment…  BUT… here’s my question:

Since we aren’t moving out and getting a place of our own for another couple years… what should I put on my registry?  We’ve talked about it and have decided that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to put appliances on there since there’s a good chance of them breaking in 2 years since all our stuff is going in the basement… We’d prefer help with a down payment for a house (cash) but I think it’s rude to tell people that on our “registry card”

Does anyone have any ideas on how to let people know we just really want to save up money? or if that’s completely rude, what I can register for?  Thanks guys!! :)

130 Days Left!


  1. Yes! Set up a registry! Otherwise you will get random stuff and you'll run the risk of getting 3627284 towels or something. Now, I set up 3 registries and we STILL had people buy us random stuff we didn't want, but fortunately I got some great stuff off those registries, too. Also, if you have to, you can return things and exchange, get gift cards, etc.

    As far as what you'd put on it... put smaller items for your future home. You'll have one eventually, so put towels, dishes, pots, bathroom stuff, etc that store well. Plus comforters, sheets, bedroom stuff you can go ahead and start using, so that's also a good idea :).

    Hope that helps :).


  2. I know there are websites out there that you can set up that people can contribute money towards a large purchase: myregistry.com

    I found it through this:

    (My cousin is getting married and I've been getting a lot of practice planning weddings! LOL!)

  3. I love how excited you are!!! :) I'm not sure what to suggest for the registry, I've never been married myself but I am sure that most people will end up giving you cash. Just pick items you can use in your new house like dishes and stuff like that. Good luck!

  4. I have heard of websites where people can contribute to your honeymoon so I am sure you can do that for a down payment. It is a tough/tricky situation but you need to do what is best for you. I have a wedding website where I put all the info for registry and the wedding. IF you give that website out, then you can have on there what you would like people to "give" you for the wedding.

    Hope you find the perfect veil! What length are you going for? I got a single layer on that goes to my waist. I love the cathedral ones but it was just too long with my dress.

  5. it's not at all weird. that's usually how it is back home (Philippines). We usually live with our parents after getting married for the next few years so we can save =)

  6. When I had mine I already had my furniture, towels, dishes ... everything. I was married in Oregon, but living in Florida. Somehow, and I don't remember because I let my mom take charge, we try to ask for gift cards to places so that way I didn't have to haul all of this stuff home on a plane. Most people did oblige - but I still had an entire box of Corning ware to get cross-country.

    I feel like if you are inviting them to your wedding then they obviously know you both well enough to understand the preference to be saving for a house, so I wouldn't think it would be rude. Right?

  7. GIRL, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I am so so excited for you!! I totally would live at my parent's to save money, I think that is awesome!!! That is a tough question. I wish you could just take everything back and get cash. GOOD LUCK GORGEOUS GIRL!

  8. Oh, girl, it's not rude at all! It's YOUR wedding and YOUR registry--put what YOU want on it! And most people really want to get you what you really want to get, so make it known that you want moolah. No one will be offended at all. I've seen bridal web sites that actually have a PayPal button on them so that people can gift directly to a honeymoon account. I think it's an awesome idea!

  9. I have never been married and have attended a few weddings here in the U.S. I give them money - because I think it's practical. They can save it, use it toward a big dollar item or for a nice date.

    In fact, one of the couple used the money for gas when she and her husband did a road-trip for their honeymoon.

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  11. love, love, love your jewelry!
    can't wait to see your dress!

  12. Use myregistry.com they have an option to add "down payment for house" and even "honeymoon" people can go online and pay with paypal and you get the money, but it also let's you ask for other items(its a one stop registry store it pretty much rocks). One caveat is that paypall charges 3% for using their service.

    I think most people will just give you cash, but people close to you may want to give you an actual gift. I would be very hesitant about asking for house items. In a few years your tastes, wants ect may change so I would stick to timeless pieces.

    Maybe a bank will setup a trust account for your downpayment? Or even just include a "We've been saving up for a house" statement will help get the message across.

    Also if you are honeymooning use http://www.travelersjoy.com, It breaks down the cost of each thing you want to do. You can put the money you'd save on the honeymoon towards your home down payment.

    -Not yet engaged and slightly bitter about it...

  13. I've always heard that it's a good idea to set up a small registry and then have family spread through word of mouth that you are saving for a house.

    You look great in your preview pictures - I can't wait to see the dress.

  14. Love your blog by the way!

    I just got married last August and I am the exact opposite of you in the registry situation. I am 31 and had already owned 2 homes myself, so I didn't need anything for a home. I decided to use www.travelersjoy.com and "register" for items for our honeymoon. You are the opposite from me in that you don't have anything yet for your home, but if I were you I would not register for any of that stuff. In 2 years, your tastes could change, you have no idea what type of home you'll get and whether what you register for will "go" with it anyway. I would wait on all that stuff you don't really need right now anyway and go the more practical route.

    Times are so different these days, that it is totally fine to let people know what you want. I just couldn't put random home items on a registry because that's what your "traditionally supposed to do." So, I went the honeymoon registry route and it worked great! People loved it and knew that they were giving us something we would use. Yes, they are ultimately giving you money, but you set up the registry for items such as "dinner for 2 on the beach", "rental car for 2 days", "money for cab fare", "parasailing for 2", etc. And I also added sections where they could just contribute to a "Misc fund" if they wanted to. You could always create a section that was: "money to help us get our first home". The Travelers Joy website charges you around a 7% fee to use their website that they deduct from your total amount when you put the money into your account. Their fee is cheaper than tax or shipping would be on a home item anyway!!!

    I didn't put anything about our registry on our invitations, but I did create a wedding website and put our wedding website address on the directions card that went with the invitations. Then when they visit your wedding website, they'll see the section with your registry information on it. You can explain to them why you aren't going with the traditional registry and that this way is more practical for you as a couple. And like some of the other people have commented, word of mouth works great and most of the people invited will know your situation anyway.

    Lots of luck with everything. I have some advice for your wedding day: Don't worry about anything that day. If something goes wrong, there's nothing you can do about it anyway and more than likely, you'll be the only one who notices. And enjoy every single second because it goes by so fast! It was the most amazing, fun and surprisingly relaxing day of my life!!!

    Sorry for the long comment!

  15. Been soooo behind on my blogs, but totally late commenting. I recommend a honeymoon registry, like traveler's joy.

    We got about $3,000 all together from it (you get the stuff in cash, that in our case we used for the honeymoon, but you don't necessarily need to use for that).

    Shoot me an email, and I can send you a link to our honeymoon registry to give you an idea how to set it up.

    Not sure if you got a veil yet, but got mine from Marisol Aparicio, on Etsy -- and it's much better priced than any of the stores, and I LOVED it! You can see my wedding tab on my blog for pictures of it.


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