Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wedding Update: My Dress!!

ok.. first things first, why didn’t anyone tell me I was getting ahead of myself on Tuesday?! lol… I titled my post “Triple Tangent Thursday” lol… well… today is Thursday.. bummer… but it’s almost the weekend!! :)  Also, welcome to my newest bloggy friend.. Angie from Kansas Runner!! Thanks for following! :)

Now.. on to the wedding stuff!!!  Pretend like it’s December 17th ;)  CUZ that’s when I bought my dress!!! :)

I’m not one of those girls who has known from an early age what kind of wedding dress I wanted or what kind of wedding… Dont get me wrong… I daydreamed about getting married one day, but I never planned the details of a future wedding….  Not to mention that I’m not a very girly girl… I’ll wear the occasional dress, but usually you’ll find me in jeans or running shorts and a tshirt lol…

So, my mom and I decided to start out looking in our little town (which has 2 places that might have wedding dresses… 1 for sure) before we headed to the big city.  Neither of us knew what to expect but were looking forward to the big adventure!

When we arrived, we had to sign in and they took us back to a little sitting area to ask questions like “what’s your budget?”  “What kind of a dress do you want?”  “Do you have anything specific in mind?”  I told them the budget that I definitely didn’t want to go over and other than that, that I had no clue what I was looking for… just that I didn’t want a ridiculously long train.

After that we went through and picked out different styles of dresses that I liked so I could try them on… we had all sorts of things like Ball gowns and A-lines and Mermaid dresses… who knew there would be so many to choose from? ;)  Well I tried on the first one and absolutely LOVED it!!  But, I had about 8 more dresses to try on.  Every time I tried on a different dress we would compare it to the first… if I liked it less we put it back, if we liked it about the same or more we kept it in the fitting room.

After a while I kind of forgot what the first one looked like on me and we were down to the last two dresses which were a different style than the first one all together and I liked them both. They were over my budget by $100-200 but I had told her that was ok, if it was the one for me I would pay the extra mulah!! :)  I really liked the last one the best but forgot what the first one looked like so I tried the first dress on again…

As soon as I put it back on I started tearing up… this was THE ONE!!  I didn’t want to take it off, I was so thrilled!!  I never knew what it would feel like finding “the dress” but it was magical!  It was incredible!  I just knew it was the one! haha.. my mom joked with me that she had been looking forward to going to more than just one dress shop… but since we were both shedding happy tears we knew there was no need to continue searching!

DSC00795This is the only picture I can show you because I have no clue if my fiancé
peeks at my blog every once in a while lol ;)  sneak peak!!!

After I committed to buying it they put a veil on my head and we took pictures and talked about wedding stuff… eventually they made me take it off ;) lol… I ordered my dress.. paid in full because if I did they would give me a discount… booyah!!   I was told it would be in towards the middle/end of May… hopefully I don’t need too many alterations!  I’m just so excited!!!  Now I just need to accessorize!! ;)

135 days left!!


  1. Fantastic!
    Love the sneak peak!

  2. Love the story! Mine was exactly the same... I fell in love with the first dress and that was it. My mum felt ripped off too, but if you love what you love there's no reason to look any further.

  3. So exciting you found your dress and it was the first one you tried on! I shopped ALOT because I wanted something very specific and I finally found it at the 9th place. It was way under my budget too which was great! Can't wait to see the pictures of it after you get married!

  4. Congrats on THE DRESS!! Haha what a gorgeous shade of white!

  5. So cool! Isn't it fun?! I knew exactly what I wanted when I started dress shopping but ended up getting something COMPLETELY different. Hey, we're women. We can change our minds!

  6. I'm so glad you found the one. Congrats!

  7. How exciting! This is obviously the one - and it was from the very beginning. I know you'll look beautiful - can't wait for the official wedding day photos!!

  8. How exciting! And how great to find your dress the first time out looking for it!

  9. Awe, i have heard so many stories of trying on jillions of dresses just to go back to the first one! =) Cute story!

    135 days until we get to see the dress!!! Eeeeks!!!!!

  10. Love your blog! I just started following it, but I am in a totally similar situation with running and wedding planning and working etc! Good Luck and keep up the awesome work!


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