Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Postponement on my Training

Well… back in November I registered for the Capital City Half Marathon and I have kept pushing off training for some reason… maybe because it’s been cold, I’ve been planning a wedding, or I just am plain lazy… who knows! 

But, I was seriously going to start out training today with a 4 mile tempo run but that isn’t going to happen because I’m sick … It feels much like strep throat which would make sense because the young people I work with come to work and inform me that they have strep throat but not to worry because they aren’t contagious anymore but then cough in my face… I’m hoping to feel better so I can start training tomorrow… it’s supposed to be nearly 60 degrees!! YAY!!  Just a week ago the high was 7 lol…silly Ohio weather!


Last night was mine and Josh’s Valentine’s Day since we didn’t get to see each other on Monday.  He came over and brought me beautiful pink roses, reeses cups, and a card.  I gave him a card and a project of mine in pieces lol… I didn’t get to finish it since I was also sick yesterday and slept most of the day. (more on the project later) Then we made dinner together of sausage and cheese bagels and scrambled eggs… yummy!  We finished out our date with watching one of my favorite shows, NCIS, and then he had to go home early because he had an important test this morning!  It was a wonderful date!  I love him so much and cannot wait to marry him! :) 

DSC01202 My beautiful flowers

DSC01206 His unfinished project that I promised would be finished by the weekend lol

Now I’m going to take a nap even though it’s only 11:45 AM lol hopefully I can
kick this before I have to go to work tonight!  I hope everyone has a great day
today!!  You’re week is half way done!! :)

129 Days Left!


  1. Strep throat is going around here like hines makes pickles. Hope you feel better!!!!!!!!!

  2. omg- is that a minion?!?!?!

    Hope you feel better!

  3. Alisha!! How in the world... you guessed it! lol... you're amazing! :)

    Thanks for all your well wishes everyone! I'm feeling a tad better...

  4. Ooh, I really like those flowers! They just look sweet! :-) And NCIS - a perfect date, indeed!

    Hope you kick the bug and feel back to normal soon!

  5. feel better soon!

    and i agree, ncis is the BEST show on tv. the whole family watches it at my house!

    i am planning on running the cap city marathon as well. hope to see you there!


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