Wednesday, September 21, 2011

If You Have a Dilemma… Just Tweet It!!

Well, for some reason I didn’t get my speedwork in today… I was supposed to do 6 miles… just felt blah all day.. hormonal sickness… it sucks…

School starts back up tomorrow (after a 2 week summer vacation lol) and I’m super excited because this is the first quarter that I’m “officially” an interpreting major and will get to take interpreting classes… The only downfall is that I have to start getting up at 5am to make it to school in time… seriously?! I haven’t gotten up that early since… the capital city half marathon in May… and now I have to do it every Tuesday and Thursday! Guess I’ll have to start going to bed at 9pm instead of midnight lol ;)

I am rather excited about going back to school tomorrow though because I am heading to Fleet Feet after I get out of class at 4 to get a new pair of shoes before my Marathon! :)  I knew I needed new shoes, but I wasn’t sure if I had enough time to break them in… since I’m still a “newbie runner” I’m not as wise as some of you… If you ever need to know something… just tweet it… seriously! haha…

I tweeted:


And just a few SECONDS later many of you replied… thank you! :)  I am no longer worried…


So now I’m UBER excited to get an official fitting for shoes… this will be my first time in an actual running store lol… I can’t wait to let you all know how it goes and show off my new pair of kicks tomorrow!  (and of course tell you how my first day of school went… cuz I know you all care sooo much)  ;)

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How often do you get a new pair of shoes?
- It’s been 7 months since my new pair… but I ran a total of about 22 miles for May and June combined (hello wedding planning)

What kind of shoes do you get AND do you always stay with the same model?
- I used to be strictly Nike… Glide & Glide 2, but then I got to wear test a pair for brooks and LOVED them… so now I have no clue what kind of shoe I want to run in…

Do you have a twitter? Do you find it helpful or annoying?
- I have a twitter (obviously) and find it very helpful… I’ve almost stopped using facebook altogether


  1. I usually have to replace my shoes on the low end of the recommended 300-500 miles. Which sucks because it's expensive, but my knees thank me.

    I'm committed to the Asics 2160s. I've had the previous 6 or so models and haven't been injured so I'm scared to try anything new.

    After all the crappy changes that Facebook is making I'm sorely tempted to go over to Twitter. It just looks like such a steep learning curve... and less functional for me since I only have my computer at home, not a smartphone I can check it on.

  2. so glad that you're going to go get fitted. it makes such a HUGE difference. you'll never go back to picking your own shoes :)

  3. I just ran my first marathon in a pair of shoes I'd used for one five-miler, and my feet did great. My feet seem to be getting bigger, so I knew I'd do better in a pair of new, bigger shoes than in my worn-in, smaller shoes.

    I seem to end up with Nikes every time. Whatever the running store people recommend and whatever feels good!

  4. If you are switching shoes completely, make sure to get a 20 miler in with them. I switched shoes after my marathon, got fitted at the store, got a few runs in with them (including a 10 mile race), and once I hit mile 16 at the marathon, it felt like I was running in high heels, every step hurt (your feet just swell up after a few hours). I wouldn't take the risk, now that I have a horror story to go with it.

  5. (I switched shoes in between my first and second marathon, which was 3 weeks apart. I broke them in for 2 weeks in all my runs prior to the 2nd marathon and still got screwed -- just noticed how the comment above got confusing!)

  6. We have a Fleet Feet on the same road as the Olive Garden up here, in case you need or forget somethig

    PS Your Pukie is up

  7. Have a blast at the running store!! Don't go crazy and buy everything you see! ;)

  8. Way on point. I was just discussing this last night with the hubby. I thought the rule was 500 miles for shoes lets tweet some more and find out!

  9. Way on point. I was just discussing this last night with the hubby. I thought the rule was 500 miles for shoes lets tweet some more and find out!


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